Finding a Fertility Team

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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much" Helen Keller


I really find the above quote inspiring !  It has such an impact on everything we do if we apply it properly.  


When working with fertility patients often the ones who have success are the ones who have a great support network behind them.  Each couples "team" is different and can be made up of counsellors, massage therapists, herbalists, family support, acupuncturists, Chinese medicine doctors and reproductive endocrinologists.  Everyones fertility journey is different and their support will be unique to them and their situation.  


If you are going through fertility treatments and have found a team to support you, the confidence it gives you is priceless !  Finding out how to make changes in your life to optimize your chances of conception and having people to point you in the right direction is difficult to find.  


The way a team works together will absolutely determine it's success.  You may have a bunch of amazing individuals but if they are not working together you may never achieve success.


There are many different types of treatment being offered and not all will be wanted or needed for each situation.  Finding the best practitioners who work together will offer the best chances of success !   I feel so happy to be working with amazing individuals here at Acubalance.  It is our team that helps create the success with our patients.  


I wish you all the best during the difficulties of trying to conceive.  When you have an amazing team working with for you, you become much more confident and hopeful throughout your journey.  


Best of Health




Dr. Ryan Funk

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine