Fertility Basics - Super Simple Suggestions

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For those who have just started a search about fertility this is a great blog for you !   If you have been going through a fertility journey for some time now and already know many of the in's and out's about infertility, stop now as this is not a post for you !


Fertility is often a confusing and frustrating topic to research.  I wanted to boil down some of the most simple things to do which optimize your fertility.  


Here are a few simple things you can begin to do TODAY which will help you conceive a healthy child !


Know Your Cycle 

Women who come into my office who understand how to track their cycle have a definite advantage over those who don't.  A solid understanding of when you are ovulating allows you to properly time your most fertile times of the month and when you should be trying to conceive !


Fertility Lifestyle Basics

Get adequate rest (7-9 hours) of good quality sleep will help your body maintain a healthy hormone balance.  

Eat a balanced diet, high in vegetables and low in processed foods similar to that of the Acubalance Fertility Diet

Move every day.  Regular exercise benefits blood flow and helps to kill stress.  Do a daily 20-40 minutes to optimize your fertility.


Supplements for Fertility

You don't need to take too much !   I often have patients bringing in shopping bag of supplements that they are taking.  This may not be the best approach for treating your fertility.  The basic supplements for fertility are often condensed down to a good quality prenatal vitamin, clean sourced fish oil and maybe a few others depending on the individual.  More is not always better !


What NOT to Do

Sometimes it's not what you can do it's what you need to not do !  These are pretty simple to guess but it needs to be said when discussing the basics of fertility.  

Stop smoking !  Smoking accelerates ovarian egg loss and may advance menopause by several years.

Don't drink too much ! a few drinks a week doesn't seem to have a significant effect effect on our fertility but more than a few quickly leads to a big decrease in pregnancy rates.  

Exercise is great but women who are exercising intensely multiple times per week may not be doing their body any favors.  Excessive training or exercise can harm our fertility.


As you continue researching more and more about fertility you will find buckets of information.  Keep the basics written above in your mind as these can be the most important key to success during this journey.  Adjust your treatment plan slowly over time to help optimize your chances of success.


Dr. Ryan Funk

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine