Fertility Advice Your Grandma Would Give You

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Our Grandparents are filled with information, and we traditionally seek knowledge from them when we were looking for life's answers. Today we first search google for tidbits of information and rarely use our grandparent's experience. Unfortunately google often overwhelms us with information in contrast to our Grandparents as they would provide us with a few pieces of clear useful actions. Their common sense approach is often not so common with people today. I wanted to talk about some simple foundational ways you can support your fertility, likely the same approach that you would hear if you asked your grandma. Clear, simple no messing around advice. 


Advice Your Grandma Would Give To Help You Get Pregnant!


Eat Your Vegetables!
I heard this on many occasion from my Grandma growing up. Her generation knew the importance of vegetables in our diet to support our overall health and fertility.  My grandmother didn't necessarily know HOW it helped, but she did know the importance of vegetables. Research over the years has proven her right. Eating vegetables helps to improve the bodies ability to regulate fertility hormones, decreases inflammation and provides necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. My general rule of thumb is that your diet should be made up of 50% vegetables. Eating more than 50% would even be better. So listen to your grandma and eat your veggies!
Acubalance Fertility Diet

Get Outside!
Growing up in the Fraser Valley, this is one suggestion I often heard primarily from my mom but also my Grandma. Getting outside and enjoying the weather is very beneficial when trying to get pregnant.  It is so easy today to spend only a few minutes a day outside when commuting to and from work. I joke with friends that I could wear my slippers too and from work. I could go from my garage at my home directly into my garage at work, never setting foot outside. Spending time inside our homes, inside a bus, car or train and then at work is the norm for many of us. The benefits of being outdoors are many. From an increase in the ability to focus to lowering blood pressure, getting outside is a good idea. One study has even shown that looking at pictures of the outdoors improves our mental health - https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1111/j.1467-9280.2008.02225.x
Spending time outdoors in nature will increase vitamin D levels, improve your immune system, decrease stress levels, and lower blood pressure and inflammation. These are all important factors to address when trying to have a child. To learn about 12 science based benefits of getting outside follow this LINK

Go To Bed!
"You look tired", "Thanks, Grandma!" Always looking out for our best interests grandparents often state the obvious. Sleep is an important factor to support and optimize our fertility. Lack of sleep or irregular sleep patterns can result in hormone balance. For women, sleep problems are related to menstrual health, pregnancy and menopause. This is not limited to women's fertility, men's fertility is also negatively impacted by poor sleep habits. Men who sleep in a quiet bedroom were more likely to achieve a pregnancy with their partners than those sleeping in a noisy bedroom. Also, men who have irregular sleep habits going to bed in the wee hours of the morning had fertility problems. Men who went to bed at this late hour had more Anti Sperm Antibodies in their sperm which negatively impacts fertility. Get your minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night. 8-9 hours is even better.

Don't Be Lazy!
Get outside and Exercise! Growing up this was cutting the lawn or 1 of the other dozens of things around the house that needed to be done. Now it can be going to the gym, trail running, hiking, biking, swimming or any other activity that gets my heart rate up. Exercise is very important to our health. Those who move daily are healthier, happier and live longer than those who are sedentary. If you combine this with the other advice from you grandma you're getting even more benefits.  
Exercise regulates hormones, decreases stress, improves sleep, lowers your chances of chronic illnesses and supports a healthy weight. One study even showed how men who exercise had smarter children versus those men who were more sedentary.

Free Constultaion
These are very simple yet effective ways to boost a couple's chances of conceiving. Common Grandma advice that many of us forget. Look into these areas of your health and see if you need to make a few changes. Sometimes the simplest adjustments have a massive impact on our fertility. If you are looking for a specific treatment plan tailored to individual needs you can call our office to set up a free 15 minute phone Q&A. You can ask questions about our approach in the treatment of both male and female reproductive health.  


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Fertility Advice Your Grandma Would Give You