Failed IVF to Natural Pregnancy - Every Kick Seems a Little Bit Like a Dream

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I wanted to share the most inspiring success I saw this year. Melissa had been trying to conceive for 3 years without success. She and her husband had done everything right, from increasing exercising to changing their diet and getting on all the recommended supplements. They were young (around 30) and by all accounts healthy. All of the testing from their fertility doctor yielding the most painful diagnosis: unexplained infertility.


After so much time and care, they made a decision. They had waited long enough; the years of trying had taken a toll on their marriage and she was beginning to feel herself slip into a depression. It was with a sense of renewed hope that they decided to try an IVF cycle. It was at this time they came to me for support with the process, knowing that Acubalance works so closely with her fertility doctor.


The cycle went okay. There were 11 follicles at the first ultrasound, and 13 at retrieval. These numbers seemed promising. After all, you only need one. They were very excited. At retrieval, there was a total of 7 eggs in those follicles. Out of the 7 retrieved, 6 were mature, 3 fertilized, and 2 were viable at day 3. Both were transferred, and they waited through the painful 2 weeks until their HCG test. It was with heartbreak that she received the devastating news that her pregnancy test was negative. Melissa got her period.


The following month the two of them regrouped. They met with the doctor and made a plan. Because so few of her eggs were mature, and even less fertilized, the doctor suggested there was probably an egg quality issue. The idea was to wait two more menstrual cycles, then do another IVF as soon as possible. They began the process of mentally, emotionally, and financially preparing themselves. When her next period was late, she was annoyed and deflated, as any more delays felt like adding more pain. However, when it was several days late, she took a home pregnancy test and it was positive; a positive pregnancy test within weeks of a failed IVF and her fertility expert questioning her egg quality and recommending another IVF.


So now Melissa is 38 weeks pregnant, expecting her first child. They longed for this baby for so many years, that every day, every kick seems a little bit like a dream.


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