Explaining and treating unexplained infertility

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I enjoyed Dr. Beth Taylor’s, Reproductive Endocrinologist at Olive Fertility Centre, blog on Explaining the Unexplained.  She describes new research findings about how the fallopian tubes help keep the sperm alive and improve swimming (motility) for fertilizing the egg.   Amazing how the male and female reproductive organs and systems interact with each other to create life and how this complex orchestra of natural processes must remain in balance for us to be healthy and fertile.  If just one instrument is out of tune it can ruin the whole orchestra.

Currently orthodox medicine does not have any test to measure to see if this protein found in the fallopian tubes that helps sperm survive and fertilize the egg is missing or lacking.  However there is another approach.  If your body is in balance then it can self regulate and carry out all these complex processes naturally.  Most of our diseases today are not genetic but rather from the accumulation of poor lifestyle habits from the past 35 plus years.  Our approach is to support this process rather than trying to over ride your body and mimic one of these complex processes.

Remember, according to Chinese medicine, naturopathic medicine and now functional medicine, the body has an innate ability to heal.  Health and balance results from the body’s ability to self regulate and repair.  We get chronically ill (not acute) and cancers when our body loses this self-regulating capacity.   The Chinese medicine approach is to provide the right input and knowing if the body has the essential building blocks and information it will know what to do and will heal and function optimally.  An example, give my car good gas and regular oil changes and it drives well (assuming I am a good driver). Fill my car with coke-a-cola and drive with dirty oil and it will not drive properly or even drive at all. 

Our approach at Acubalance is to support your body’s ability to self regulate.   We help optimize your fertility through nutrition, lifestyle changes, fertility acupuncture, herbs and supplements as well as mind body stress reduction techniques.   I have seen clinically unexplained infertility explained and resolved through the natural approach mentioned above.   We are not replacing a deficient protein.  We are supporting your body to produce this protein and any other chemical tey to be discovered 9measured by science) in the proper amount and the right time.  Our approach is to optimize your fertility to support your eggs to reach their peak fertile potential and for your lining to be receptive for implantation.

I often give free presentation on how we support couples in creating an optimal fertile environment in their bodies.  Please visit our calendar of events for a list of the dates and locations of my upcoming talks.