Everything A Man Should Know About His Fertility

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When trying to conceive most couples are excited to start but after a few months without success it becomes frustrating and extremely discouraging.  Most couples conceive after 6 months of trying but what happens if you haven't ? 

Most couples first look at and diagnose a woman's fertility but this isn't necessarily the case.  Infertility due to sperm related factors is present in nearly 40% of cases.  Not only this but both sperm count and sperm quality are decreasing significantly every year so this average should be rising. The average man has less sperm and poorer quality than his dad produced at the same age.  Men who are trying or wanting to try to concieve should be trying to preserve their fertility.  There are many things us guys can do that are simple which boost our fertility. 
This is a quick list of male fertility facts which couples need to know when trying to conceive.

1 - You may not even know. 
There may not be any clues to having an issue with your fertility.  Sperm only makes up a tiny portion of the fluid of each ejaculation so a "big ejaculate" isn't enough. You will not likely notice or see any signs of a possible problems.  Sex drive may not be effected for men with fertility issues.  The best way to find out how fertile you are is by doing a semen analysis.  It will look at the way the sperm move, look and the overall sperm count to allow a diagnosis.  Other things are also tested during this analysis which effects your fertility.

2 - Diet

What we eat plays a big role on our overall health as well as our fertility.  A diet high in whole foods, vegetables and lean protein will support a fertile body. The Acubalance Fertility Diet is a great resource for this.  Things like processed meat and sugar make a mans fertility plummet.  The things we put in our mouth on a day to day basis play a important role in our fertility.  It truly can make us or break us !

3 - Environment
Do you work in an environment with special paints, solvents, pesticides, varnishes, ....   You may want to take steps to decrease the negative effects these products have on your fertility.  Many of these chemicals have shown a negative impact on fertility and pregnancy rates.  What's worse is that many of the chemicals used do not have much research supporting their safety.  Always use caution with chemicals.
Another work place fertility stopper is heat.  The testicles are located on the outside of the body to allow them to stay at a cooler temperature than the body.  At this cool temperature sperm quality and count will be optimal.  You don't need to work at a foundry or firefighter to be too hot.  Studies have found men sitting for long periods of time have higher than normal temperatures around the testicles.  Keep the boys cool !
4 - Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Sexually transmitted infections can have a detrimental effect on your fertility, even years after being treated.  STD's often have limited or minimal symptoms in men and can go months without treatment.  These infections can leave scarring making sperm transport from the testicles to your partner impossible. 
5 - Weight
Men who are overweight have a more difficult time achieving healthy pregnancies than men who have a healthy BMI.  Many studies have been published on a woman's weight and pregnancy rates.  Now more studies are being published about men's fertility and weight.  There is a direct correlation with both a man's and woman's weight prior to conceiving.  If you or your partner are over weight making a few changes to loose a few pounds can be a huge benefit. 
6 - Age
Men have a biological clock too !  So much is being talked about how a woman's age effects pregnancy rates and miscarriages.  Now more research is showing how a man's fertility also decreases as he ages.  An older man has a greater likelihood of taking longer to conceive as well as an increase in miscarriage rates.The good news is that there are things you can do to help stop or reverse this aging process to help keep your sperm young
This is only a short list of things that men should know about their fertility when trying to conceive.  Below is a few more links to men's fertility information. 

Men Need Fertility Treatment Too

If you are trying to conceive there are many things you can do to help your fertility go from good to great !  Even if you have a "normal" sperm count or quality you can make it better !
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Dr. Ryan Funk
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