Endometriosis surgery or natural approach

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I received this question privately about what Chinese medicine and acupuncture can offer a young woman suffering with endometriosis who is scheduled for surgery. Currently, she is not trying to get pregnant. 


Hi, Lorne:

A girlfriend of mine (29 years old, never been pregnant and not on birth control) has an upcoming surgery for endometriosis. I told her she should consider alternate treatment, and I'm wondering if you have any good information about this that I could pass along to her.



There is much she can do naturally, such as liver detox, endometriosis diet, herbs, supplements, acupuncture, castor oil packs, and even stress reduction.  Her upcoming surgery (Laparoscopy) may be needed now if her symptoms are interfering with her quality of life.

Please note that endometriosis commonly grows back after surgery over months or years. I suggest she implements the natural approach (see links below) now even if she does have the surgery so she can prevent the reoccurrence of endometriosis after surgery. We can help your friend at Acubalance.  She does not have to be trying to get pregnant to be seen at Acubalance; we support women in all stages of life, supplying general gynecology, infertility, pregnancy support and menopause relief.

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