Eastern and Western Do’s and Don'ts for the First Trimester

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The first trimester can be a wonderful, exciting, confusing, and overwhelming time. Not to mention the advice and old wives’ tales coming at you left, right, and center from friends, family, and google. So I’ve boiled down a list of some of the major tips, do’s, and don'ts for the first trimester, focusing on the major points from the Western mindset as well as Eastern, because at Acubalance we love integrating the best of both.


  • Supplements: prenatal, omega 3 fish oil (important for baby’s brain production), methylated folate.

  • Avoid unsafe foods (raw meat/eggs, seafood with high levels of mercury, deli meat, unpasteurized milk products, raw sprouts, hot dogs, meat spreads).

  • Avoid saunas/extremely hot baths/hot tubs/hot yoga.

  • Don’t drink too much caffeine (200mg and less is typically okay, but if you can avoid it entirely that’s even better).

  • Quit drinking alcohol/smoking.

  • Don’t clean the litter box (to avoid feline waste bacteria and toxoplasmosis)

  • Schedule your first appointment with your OB GYN or midwife.


  • Keep feet warm.

  • Eat warm food/drink warm water.

  • Keep blood sugar balanced with small frequent meals, making sure you are eating enough protein.

  • Sleep and nap, listen to your body when it needs to rest - it is making a baby after all! Fatigue can also trigger symptoms of morning sickness.

  • Avoid sexual intercourse during the first trimester in high risk pregnancies/history of miscarriages.

  • And of course, get acupuncture to treat first trimester symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, morning sickness, and body pain. Need more convincing acupuncture is safe during pregnancy? Check out this study!

Of course if there is any food, drink, supplement, medication, or activity you have questions about, please consult your GP or OBGYN.

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Eastern and Western Do’s and Don'ts for the First Trimester