Dr Lorne Brown has lost his mind. And you can too.

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I have lost my mind. And I am so grateful too as my happiness quotient and peace of mind has exponentially increased as a result of losing so many negative subconscious beliefs.


I offer workshops on creating your reality and awakeing your inner healer.

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And when I say I have lost my mind, what I am communicating is that I have been able to remove (or at least toned-down greatly) some old limiting beliefs and negative programming I inherited as a child that were no longer serving me as an adult. I do this regularly with patients I see in my Acubalance practice, support them in uploading new programs of health, joy and abundance into their subconscious, and it is with encouragement from some of them that I was inspired to organize this first two-part workshop to share some of the concepts and energy psychology methods I use personally and use in my practice when providing acupuncture treatments.


Some of the energy psychology methods have been shown with supporting data to radically reduce anxious feelings in minutes and at the same time change your DNA expression, improve your immune function and lower the stress cortisol in your body.  


Total transparency. My motivation for offering the workshop is for selfish reasons. I believe in the saying of “see one, do one, teach one”. I learn best when I have to teach it to others. It truly becomes part of my DNA when I have to get in front of a group and explain the concepts and facilitate practising the energy psychology exercises. I have done my fair share in the seeing (reading, workshops) and doing (patients and personal use) realm and this workshop allows me the opportunity to master it even more by ‘teaching’ it.   


I need to give you the following warning before you decide to register. June 2019 is the first workshop I am giving on this topic and I am in a playful mood meaning I am not taking myself too seriously. And you should not either. I am not expecting it to be perfect and I know this is a beta version and the first step to what I have already envisioned to be something much greater. I want to manage your expectations. Do not expect it to be polished. Basically, you are part of my playful experiment of working through and mastering the material and I am looking for some curious and open-minded people to participate and provide honest feedback so I can refine the material more.


So, what is in it for you?

  • You may change how you think and perceive your world which can lead to more joy, peace of mind and serenity.
  • You get to witness courage, as in me putting myself out there into the unknown and accepting I could fall on my face and be ok with it.
  • You will be introduced to books, teachers and workshops that have influenced me the most.
  • You may learn how to create your reality through your thoughts such as loving relationships, health and finances.
  • Some people have been known to heal as a result of changing their outdated negative programs.
  • Elicit your relaxation response and feel calm and peaceful
  • Connect and access to a higher consciousness  


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How do you know if you have subconscious beliefs and programs that are causing you to intentionally or unintentionally sabotage your health and goals? 


Bruce Lipton stated it this way, “Your life is really a reflection of your subconscious programming…well, look at your life, and tell me what you're having trouble with. Because that's the direct expression of a program that's not supporting you.” “What if you go into the subconscious mind and change the programs in the subconscious mind so they reflect the wishes and desires of your conscious mind? What would that mean? Now I tell you what it means. You'll live in a honeymoon for every day of your life on this planet for a simple reason. If my conscious mind wishes and desires begin to wander and I default into the subconscious and is playing my wishes and desires, I never left the honeymoon.”


It is recommended you watch the following three videos to give you some insight about the workshop and booking acupuncture + energy psychology sessions with me.:


4 Simple Strategies to Reprogram Your Mind | Dr. Bruce Lipton (A MUST SEE!!! 2019)


Is Therapy Facing a Revolution? | Peta Stapleton | TEDxRobina 



Bruce Lipton's Introduction to PSYCH-K®  


Check to see when the next wrokshop is being offered.


Acupuncture + Energy Psychology appointments: 


Change your limiting beliefs and programs.   


Many of us sabotage our desires because we run subconscious programs (often inherited from childhood) that we do not deserve to have it all (abundance, perfect health, joy, loving relationships, purpose and meaning).   


You can choose to rewire your brain to remove old programs that no longer serve you and replace them with new programs and beliefs you prefer that serve your best interest.


I offer a combination of energy psychology (Psych K, EFT, Hypnosis, and Bengston Energy Healing Method) in combination with acupuncture and low-level laser therapy (LLLT/photobiomodulation) during my Acubalance sessions.