Don't Loose These 3 Opportunities When Going Through Infertility

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Going through infertility can be one of the most unpleasant experiences someone can go through.  Fortunately there are a few positive things that can be gained while going through this process.  If you are able to look at this as a "glass half full" you will find a few opportunities in the infertility journey.  

Improve Your Relationship

The experience of going through infertility is in the top 3 most stressful events couples can go through.  Both depression and anxiety will be higher in couples going through fertility treatments.  This obviously ads incredible strain to a relationship but also offers an opportunity to understand each others needs while going through such a difficult time.  By learning what your partner needs during times of stress will give you tools when other traumatic events occur.  The death of a family member or friend, loss of a job leading to financial strain, ...   Learning how to deal with these stressors and what you can do to support your partner are life long skills you will fall back on time and time again.  
In my practice, I have unfortunately seen many relationships dissolve during the infertility journey.  Thankfully I have seen many more couples grow closer together !  I generally see two reasons for this.   1 - the quality and openness of their relationship pre infertility  2 -  knowing their partners needs during their fertility journey.  These are not unconscious or automatic skills.  They are learned overtime and would be different for each relationship.  Taking the time to make sure you have the same goals as your partner and being able to voice your own needs helps this process. You can create a stronger bond in your relationship while going through the fertility process. 
Increase Your Overall Health
In some cases infertility may be the first sign of something more serious being wrong.  By working on your overall health you may also be improving the underlying condition before it turns to something more serious.  Dropping those few extra pounds, improving your digestive health, addressing anxiety issues that have been around for the past few years all will improve more than just your fertility potential.  We are really trying to create healthy families and not just achieving a pregnancy.  Improving overall health to get to a pregnancy also helps create a healthy family later !  
Expand Your Understanding of Healthcare
Fertility treatments can be extremely frustrating, especially in those who have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility.  The good news is if western medicine can't find a problem other healthcare practitioners may.  In most of the patients I see I am able to diagnose something that has been hindering a patients ability to conceive.  Using Chinese medicine diagnosis we find ways to help correct these problems and improve my patients chances of a healthy pregnancy.  This can be with or without using western medical procedures such as IVF or ovulation medications.   
So many patients have been introduced to Acupuncture and Chinese medicine while searching for answers while battling through infertility.  Once we have success in their reproductive health they often return asking if we can treat other medical complaints.  Without going through infertility they wouldn't have exposed to this new to them type of healthcare.  
I wish you the best of care if you are going through fertility treatments. If you have questions about the treatment options offered at Acubalance please call for a free 15 minute phone consultation.  We can help answer questions about alternative treatments to help achieve your goals.  
Best of Health
Dr. Ryan Funk
Doctor of Chinese Medicine 
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