Discounted IVF In Canada Using INVOcell Technology

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A clinic in Calgary is looking for 100 founder patients to pay a discounted rate of $4,000 for this new low cost modified IVF cycle. Patient fee's will be raised to $6,500 once the clinic is up and running. They have added an interesting twist to help lower the cost of IVF.

The difference with this type of IVF is that the clinic allows the woman to incubate her own embryos inside of her uterus housed in a plastic device called "INVOcell". This saves thousands of dollars on laboratory costs and monitoring fee's. After 5 days of incubation the device is retrieved and the best looking embryo will be transferred.  
This new system is much simpler than traditional IVF cycles but along with simpler comes limitations. The procedure will not be made available to all patients. Women whose ovaries do not respond "normally" are not accepted. This may limit patients who have PCOS or Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR). Also to reduce costs they are not working with men who have poor sperm parameters. Another draw back is not being able to freeze eggs, as the additional cost of cryopreservation is not included in the fees. When couples produce multiple good embryos the article does not explain what will happen to them.
The research and success of this low cost IVF option was near identical to that of traditional IVF. The INVOcell study group had a live birth rate of 11 out of 20 cycles while Traditional IVF was 12 out of 20 cycles.  
Both Traditional IVF and INVOcell IVF are good options for couples experiencing infertility. Unfortunately these will not improve the underlying conditions, which are causing the need for assistance in getting pregnant. The best treatment would be one that helps improve your fertility to achieve a natural pregnancy while addressing these underlying causes. If you are able to address these problems your chances of conceiving improve both naturally or with the assisted reproductive technologies. We have seen many patients undergo multiple types of medicated cycles go on to have healthy pregnancies once they address the underlying cause of why they haven't been able to get pregnant.
Starting with your goal in mind (a healthy child in this case) we need to focus on supporting healthy parents. A healthy sperm and egg will create a healthy embryo, which then implants into a healthy uterus. There are many ways to help create the most ideal environment to produce better eggs and sperm.  
You can read more about the healthy baby approach to fertility treatments or you can call our office to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation.
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Best of health in your fertility journey. Naturally pregnancies, with IVF or new technology like the INVOcell there are ways to help boost your chances of conceiving and having a healthy child.  
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