Decreasing Pain To Achieve A Healthy Pregnancy - A Case Study

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I wanted to discuss a case study to show how lower abdominal pain related to the reproductive system can negatively effect fertility.  

I started seeing a patient who was in her mid 30's who had been trying to conceive for just less than a year at this point but had yet to get a positive pregnancy test. Although her main reason for coming was fertility she also complained of severe pain in her lower abdomen. We discussed how this pain might be contributing to her inability to achieve a pregnancy. She always felt something was wrong but could never find out what!  

She had several different types of pain.  First was generalized period pain. She had large clots with a deep pain in her abdomen every time she had her period. The other pain she experienced occurred in her lower abdomen. This second pain was felt on a daily basis but was aggravated every time she had intercourse. It was slowly getting worse over the past few years. The doctors she had seen and the tests she had done showed no abnormalities.  

I believed the pain was interfering with the chances of her conceiving. We created a treatment plan that focused on eliminating this pain and improving her chances of a pregnancy.  

She began doing regular acupuncture along with diet and lifestyle changes. It was months later she had her first pregnancy in over a year of trying.  Unfortunately she had an early miscarriage. Although extremely disappointing it gave her hope she could get pregnant.  

The following months we continued her treatment as her symptoms improved. She now only experienced the lower abdominal pain a few days per week and when she did it was much less intense. Her cycles had become much more tolerable with less clotting and not as heavy.  

It was at this time she had another pregnancy but again ended in an early loss. We discussed how things had improved and we were now closer than ever to a healthy pregnancy. The eggs she was releasing over the past few months had been maturing (going through follicular recruitment/genesis) over the past 4-5 months.  

It was two months later she had her 3rd positive pregnancy test. With her previous experienced losses she anticipated to begin bleeding shortly after having her first positive pregnancy test.  Week after week no bleeding was seen and the discomforts of pregnancy began to show. She went through her first trimester with only 1 day of spotting, mild nausea and some fatigue. She is currently in her third trimester and doing well.  

If you feel something is wrong but are unable to find out what, you may find answers seeing someone in a different field. By looking at your reproductive health from a different angle can often give possible answers.  

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Decreasing Pain To Achieve A Healthy Pregnancy - A Case Study