Co Q 10 to improve fertility egg quality and IVF support

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Co Q 10 has been shown in animal studies to improve egg quality.  In a study done on mice, retired breeder mice (no  reproducing because of age)  were supplemented with Co Q10.  These mice were able to to produce offspring again (healthy offspring) like they had once done in their reproductive prime.

Increasing Fertility: CoQ10 and Female Egg Quality - YouTube

I do not believe in a magic bullet.  I do recommend majority of our couples to take Co Q 10 but I also counsel about diet, lifestyle and stress reduction to optimize their fertility.  Mitochondria dysfunction (poor mitochondria function impacts egg quality and why science hypothesizes Co Q 10 helps with egg quality by repairing the cellular mitochondria) can be damaged from poor diet, stress and unhealthy lifestyle habits.  So taking Co Q10 without making changes in your diet and lifestyle habits may just not be enough to take you from sub-fertile to becoming pregnant and delivering a healthy baby.

We carry a highly absorbable form of Co Q10 so you do not need to take an incredibly high dosage to receive the desired benefit.  Co Q1o is best absorbed when taken with food and in divided dosages. As an example,  300mg taken at once is less beneficial than taking 100mg three times per day.  Daily total is 300mg for both but more is absorbed if taken in divided dosages and with food.

I discuss the benefits of Co Q10 and other supplements and natural products and resources to help maintain healthy mitochondria in my Turn Back Your Reproductive Talks.  Click here for our next scheduled free talk.

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