Can Laser Acupuncture Improve Frozen Embryo Transfer FET Pregnancy Rates

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The short answer is yes.


We are always looking for ways to improve our patients' success rates when undergoing fertility treatments. We regularly talk about diet, Acupuncture, mind body tools, exercise and supplements to improve uterine receptivity and now we are seeing how laser acupuncture leading up to your FET can be beneficial in improving your chances of a positive pregnancy?  


Before having an embryo transferred into a uterus most fertility clinics will do both an ultrasound and blood test to make sure the lining is ready and looks receptive for implantation. The IVF clinics can also do more extensive testing to make sure the environment of the uterus is ideal for pregnancy. Endometrial Receptivity Testing can be done by doing a mock transfer cycle and taking a biopsy of the lining to look at factors influencing implantation. There is also another type of testing called the Emma/Alice which looks at possible infections and the microbiome (good bacteria found inside the uterus). All these tests look at the environment of the uterus and the chances of a healthy embryo leading to a successful pregnancy.  


Using the low level laser therapy (LLLT), also known as photobiomodulation (PBM) in the 3-5weeks leading up to your FET transfer may influence the ability of the uterus to be receptive to the embryo being transferred. In 2018 a study was performed on in-vitro endometrial cells exposed to specific Low Level Light Therapy. This study showed how specific light was able to increase the proliferative and functional capacity of these cultured endometrial cells. (Study: Has The Time Come To Use Low Level Light For Endometrial Receptivity)



LLLT/photobiomodulation is now being combined with our acupuncture sessions at Acubalance during the 3-5 weeks before a scheduled transfer as well as onsite at Olive Fertility on the day of transfer to support our patients going through an FET cycle. There are many other factors that can help improve your chances of success. Some of the mechanisms to why photobiomodulation (LLLT) may support uterine receptivity are discussed in Dr Brown's blog titled SEVEN BENEFITS OF LASER ACUPUNCTURE FOR FERTILITY.


Olive Fertility did a retrospective records review of their patients having FET with chromosomally screened embryos and compared their total FET cycles to those who also had Acubalance laser and acupuncture onsite at Olive. The reason they chose only chromosomally screened embryos for the records review is because they did not want the results to be skewed by abnormal embryos that are less likely to implant. By looking at chromosomally normal embryos then our focus was more on uterine receptivity since all embryos had been screened to be chromosomally normal. The FET patients that had Acubalance acupuncture and laser acupuncture on the day of transfer had a higher pregnancy rate and lower miscarriage rate than those who did not have Acubalance onsite for their FET. And those who did a series of acupuncture and laser acupuncture on the 3-5 weeks leading up to their transfer day had even a higher pregnancy rate and lower miscarriage rate. 


To learn more about what you can do to support your embryo transfer beyond using Acubalance Low Level Light Therapy (Laser) follow this link - How To Prepare For An Embryo Transfer



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