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Bulletproof coffee a new health fad or the next cause of chronic disease?


We are so good in the West at taking something that is good for you from another culture, in this case Ethiopia, and commercializing it and modifying it so it's even possibly harmful.  I think of soy as an example of this. In the pursuit of profit through commercialization soy has become processed, GMO and over consumed to turn a food healthy in moderation to harmful when over consumed and in an overly processed form.


Why do so many lifestyle habits work in other parts of the world but do not when they come to the West? Because too much of a good thing can be bad for you.  The Taoist said perfectly in my opinion and it is a principle adopted ages ago by Chinese medicine that is stated as … “Too little is too little and too much is too much”.  So yes, too much of a good thing can be bad thing based on this principle.


An example of too little is too little; is with FAT. In the West we took fat out of diet. As of 2015 the data is accumulating that the low fat and no fat diet is partly responsible for our overweight issues and chronic health conditions including mental health.  Yes, grass fed butter is back in and eating fats like avocado, nuts and seeds, grass fed beef and coconut oil can be healthy for you and can even help you lose weight. (Avoid trans fats found in baked goods and junk food.. it is just poison and you should avoid trans fats especially if you are trying to become pregnant, are pregnant or you just want to live a long and cancer free life. There is research-linking trans fat to infertility so Acubalance patients please avoid).


Here in the West we are guilty of the “too much is too much” and turning a good thing into a bad thing. This is where I see bulletproof coffee. I am concerned that many people with the desire to lose weight will replace a nutritious breakfast (high protein, some fat, veggies and low or no carb breakfast) with bulletproof coffee. And if you are still eating the typical North American diet which is high in carbs, and low in vegetables then adding the bullet proof coffee may lead to some serious cardiovascular problems as well as excess weight.  


If you want to lose weight and be healthy and really look and feel great then follow what I call the 6 pillars of any good diet which I discuss in the Acubalance Fertility Diet. This is why so many diets (like paleo) work.  


They all share these 6 pillars, which make up an anti-inflammatory diet, which helps you lose weight, reverse degenerative diseases and slow down accelerated aging.


  1. No processed food
  2. No refined flours (only slow carbs and in moderation)
  3. Eat lots and lots of vegetables (especially green leafy kind)
  4. No added sugar (this includes juices)
  5. Drink water and some herbal tea (no pop)
  6. Eat good fat in moderation


So what do I think about the no carb diet – based on my litmus test above; it can work but if you miss out on vegetables then you turn the paleo diet into the Atkins diet.


What about meat? – I prefer meat personally.  I recommend grass fed meat that is raised without the use of antibiotics and hormones.  But if you follow the 6 pillars above then you can be a vegetarian.  Many vegetarians I see are not healthy and overweight because they eat too many carbs and processed GMO soy.  


And lastly what about bulletproof coffee; personally I have mine with tea as I do not like coffee and I think it is a healthier option.  I also add cinnamon and omega 3 (from fish oil) and Vit D drops in mine.  But it is a treat and a one off treat for me because I am not in the mood to cook or in a hurry to sit and eat a nutritious breakfast in the morning.


I have concerns about people adding bulletproof coffee to their routine without following the 6 pillars above. The key is eating anti-inflammatory diet and that includes moderate amounts of good fat.  


Here two posts on bulletproof coffee, which I think, is going to be just another western fad. Remember the Chinese medicine saying… “Too little is too little and too much is too much”.  When it comes to bulletproof tea/coffee then too much of a good thing can become a bad thing.  I can think of better ways to get your share of good fats without the risk of consuming too much good fat.





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Lorne Brown Dr. TCM, B/Sc., CA-CPA. FABORM, Cht
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