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I have many patients coming to me about to start an IVF cycle. And whether it’s their first or their fourth their main concern is doing everything they possibly can to make this their best (and last) cycle. When it comes to boosting IVF success I like to use all of our available tools, especially when we don’t have too much time to work with (at least 2-3 months before an IVF cycle is ideal). I explain to my patients that everything helps a tiny bit, and when put together can make a huge difference in the results. 


Along with nutrient IV therapy, supplements, diet and lifestyle changes, Mayan abdominal massage, naturopathy, and stress relieving practices, the one thing I recommend without fail is combined laser and acupuncture treatments. I particularly recommend low level laser therapy if there is an egg quality issue, significant inflammation (like with endometriosis or PCOS), or previously failed cycles.


One of my patients, a 39 year old woman, was going through her first IVF round. She committed to a series of acupuncture sessions a couple of months as well as took all of the recommended supplements, watched her diet, and exercised regularly. She had 5 follicles and 3 healthy eggs retrieved. Only one fertilized and it was unfortunately tested abnormal through genetic screening. She then decided to add laser to her protocol and continued with 1-2 times per week laser and acupuncture. For her second IVF 5 months later, she had 8 follicles, 5 eggs retrieved, and 3 fertilized, tripling her outcome compared to last time. Through genetic screening one of those embryos tested healthy. She is now well into her second trimester.


Another patient was a 38 year old woman who went through an IVF cycle without any preconception care. She had 22 eggs retrieved with 9 fertilized embryos but only two were able to grow out to day 5 which is necessary for genetic screening. One embryo tested normal but unfortunately the transfer did not take. She then came to Acubalance to optimize her egg quality before her next IVF cycle. She committed to nutrient IV therapy, did some vitamin and hormone testing with our naturopaths, and came regularly for combined laser and acupuncture. She did another round of IVF a year later. This time she had 24 eggs retrieved with 12 fertilized  and 6 (3x more than her previous cycle) were healthy enough to be sent for genetic screening.


Of course nothing is a guarantee when it comes to IVF, but in my experience the couples that do everything in their power to optimize their chances of success tend to have better outcomes. One of the remarkable things in these two cases is that even despite waiting longer to do another IVF (when things like egg quality typically decline over time), both had better results when they factored in adequate preconception care.


I blogged about another previously successful case with laser and acupuncture here:



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