Best Acupuncturist Winner for the 10th Year

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    acubalance best of vancouver 2015
Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver 2015 

Best Acupuncturist Winner for the 9th Year

Thank you! I really appreciate all of you who voted Acubalance for The Best Acupuncturists in the Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver.  This year we placed #1 again and have made  The Best  Acupuncturists of Vancouver for the 10th year thanks to all of you!
I am incredibly grateful to work with such a passionate and caring team at Acubalance. Both my team of docs and admin really make Acubalance unique and special. And I think it is because of our fantastic team that we attract such amazing clients.  It is a real pleasure to work with such wonderful clients and to help you on your journey to better health and happiness. I can say I am truly fortunate that I get to support such lovely people on a daily basis at Acubalance.  The awesome patients and team of practitioners make treating at Acubalance such a pleasure. Thank you for voting for Acubalance.

Also a congratulations to Olive Fertility Clinic for winning the Best Fertility Clinic this year. Acubalance offers onsite acupuncture for IVF transfers at Olive.  It is good to know we are offering integrative fertility care with the BEST.  Acubalance is collaborating with Olive Fertility  for a joint talk.  Please see details below. 
And thank you again for voting Acubalance #1 as The Best Acupuncturists for the 2015. 
Lorne Brown  B.Sc., Dr.TCM, CPA, FABORM, CHt
Clinical Director and Founder
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