Beat the Heat for Your Fertility -- Keep Your Man Cool!

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I love the heat we have had over the past few days. I'm happy to know it's just the beginning of July with another two hot months ahead of us. Howwever, as much as I love the heat, it doesn't mix well for couples trying to concieve, especially the men.

Sperm are produced in the testicles, which are found on the outside of the body. They are found on the outside of the body because they need to be a few degrees below our normal body temperature to produce the best quality sperm. If the temperature is too hot, they are able to "fall away" from the body, which is their way of temperature regulation. When the environment between the legs is too hot, they are unable to cool down. Heat can be so damaging to sperm production there has been some research on using hot baths as male birth control

During these hot days of summer where a few hours on the golf course, sitting in a hot car, or just getting too much sun can decrease our fertility. We need to be mindful about keeping the environment cool to optimize the chances of conception. Simple changes such as wearing shorts, sitting in the shade, or even wearing a kilt can maintain a strong fertile environment. 

Enjoy your summer and soak up some sun but keep cool and well-hydrated!


Ryan Funk DTCM

Doctor of Chinese Medicine