Be Your Own Doctor

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In 2001, during my third year of Traditional Chinese Medicine College, I had the rare opportunity to apprentice with one of my teachers in his Chinatown herbal dispensary.  At the end of my first day there, I left with what has proven to be one of the key ingredients in my practice ever since.


I arrived that day as the shop was opening.  It was early morning when I locked my bicycle to a street sign and stepped inside, greeted by smiles and an open willingness to teach and share.  Dr Tran led me behind the counter where I toured the wall of wooden drawers, each housing one of hundreds of herbs I'd been studying, mixing and dispensing for the past 3 years.  I was so eager, so ready to leap into the world of Chinese Medicine and drink in the centuries of wisdom.


Then, as I started my first session with Dr. Tran, he put me squarely in my place.


The Doctor, he assured me, is the person you call as a last resort, once you've done everything in your own power to heal yourself.  "Regulate your eating, regulate your sleeping."  He said this over and over again in our early sessions together.


As practitioners, our first operative is to encourage and advise patients to make the (often simple) changes in their own day to day lives that will snowball into better health outcomes.  We've all heard this before; it's not news, but sometimes reminders are helpful: The small choices you make everyday have a profound effect on your fertility and your health in general.  


For example, fitness does not mean triathlons; 30 minutes of walking per day leads to significant health improvements .   


Also, we can tinker with your diet.  Something as simple as cooking your foods rather than eating raw; or eating at regular intervals instead of random, irregular meals-on-the-go, can have a profound impact on your health.  These are changes you can make to empower yourself and take charge of your own health.


On our first session together at Acubalance, we will spend our time going head-to-toe through the systems of your body in detail and outline which changes you can make on your own.  These changes will help you maximize the benefits of treatment and optimize your health.

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