Are you making wellbeing a priority? An interview with Tanya Chernova

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The United Nations has made global well-being a priority.  I sat down with author and motivational speaker Tanya Chernova to discuss her role as Canada's World Wellness Weekend Ambassador to support the UN Sustainability Index and my role as her co-ambassador in the integrative medicine field.  I asked Tanya if I get diplomatic immunity and special license plates so I can park anywhere but unfortunately, that does not come with my new title as World Wellness Weekend Ambassador for Integrative Medicine.


If you truly want joy in your life and to experience peace of mind, then it is time to set vitality as your primary goal.  The paradigm is shifting from health being defined as the absence of disease to vitality.  How often have your lab tests been normal but yet you experience fatigue, anxiety/depression, pain and digestive or hormonal issues.  To have vitality you need to shift from a disease model to a well-being model.


Did you know that after the end to poverty and hunger, the United Nations has made Good Health and Well-Being it’s #3 Sustainable Development Goal? To achieve this goal, the U.N. is relying on The World Wellness Weekend to help them raise the Well Being Index in every country. 


My name is Lorne Brown and I’m honoured to be the Canadian U.N. Sustainability Co-Ambassador for Integrative Medicine.


MY MISSION IN THIS ROLE is to unite and inspire our country’s professional service providers to empower Canadians to take better care of themselves and each other.  And since I know so many colleagues in counties outside of Canada, I want to create awareness about the World Wellness Weekend to not only Canadians, but all over the world, and to invite you to apply to participate like Acubalance Vancouver has done.

We need to work together to be the change we want to see in the world


I hope this interview inspires you and your practitioners to join Acubalance in the United Nations World Wellness Weekend on September 21 & 22, 2019.  Acubalance will be offering lectures the full week from our team of practitioners.  I will be offering a lecture on how to biohack your mind for peace of mind and healing. 

Enjoy the video interview series below with Tanya Chernova.


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To learn more about how to particpate and to register your clinic go to the Acubalance World Wellness Page


The minimum requirement is just 1 FREE activity of 60 minutes. This makes it super accessible for every venue. Most clinics and studios in the past 2 years have organized 2 or 3 activities over the weekend, during the time it suits their operations the most
This 1 FREE activity for 60 minutes can be targeted at new and existing clients in your premises (usually locals), wellness for your team, or wellness for your community (out in other venues such as parks etc).
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Dr Lorne Brown Interviews Tanya Chernova

UN World Wellness Weekend


 Hi, my name is Lorne Brown. I'm a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. I'm the Clinical Director of Acubalance Wellness Centre. That's in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our website's And I'm also the founder of Healthy Seminars, Where we do continued education for naturopathic physicians and acupuncturists. And today one other hat, I get to wear is I get to interview fascinating people around the world that are doing things to help health initiatives. And today we've got a friend of mine and also a professional associate of mine, Tanya Chernova. And I want to do a brief introduction of Tanya, because she deserves it. 

You start to see all the wonderful things she's done. And then Tanya hopefully you'll share a little bit more what you're doing. In particular, we're talking today because Tanya is Canada's World Wellness Weekend Ambassador for Canada. So today I get to talk to, I guess, a Canadian ambassador to the UN, well to the world, Canada's World Wellness Weekend. But still, that's just pretty important to me and I'm excited that we're together today. So, a little bit about Tanya. Tanya is an international speaker, author, and thought thinker. She's a voice of inspiration, empowering people worldwide as a celebrated speaker, author, mentor, and business expert using her guiding principles, know your power, live your purpose, ignore, ignite, not ignore, ignite your passion, and fuel your success. She's been awarded Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada. That's the WXN in the Financial Post. And an Iconic Woman Leaders of the Decade Envisioning a United World by the Woman's Global Economic Forum. Tanya is an engaging and charismatic expert in human Behaviour, award-winning speaker and number one bestselling author, and her book is UnderMind. You want to hold up a copy of your book there if you have it. There we go. So, she's a bestselling author who's inspired countless individuals in over 60 countries around the world. 

She's pioneered the ground breaking global empowerment organization, Courageous Living, and PNRT, which stands for Progressive Neuro Resolution Therapy, a revolutionary and proven means of overcoming subconscious barriers and maximizing individual potential. This is why I think we connect so well, cause I love the neuroscience and how to get into that subconscious and change that mindset so you can change your reality, and I've only learned recently, getting a copy of your book, UnderMind, that is what you're all into. So now I understand why we jive so well, Tanya. Tanya began her career in the wellness industry and became an internationally awarded entrepreneur at the age of 27. And you don't look a day older than 28, but we won't say how old you are. We're friends so I know you're not 28, but you look it. So, you're living' the talk. So, at the age of 27 when she builds her own brand of products, reaching one million dollars in sales in only in her first year. She holds degrees in business, neuropsychology, and dozens of teaching certificates in business development. With a passion to create Well World, Tanya is Canada's World Wellness Weekend Ambassador in support of the UN Sustainability 


Index and the CBO for the Better Futures Foundation, championing the mass distribution of the first universal blood test to detect cancer in its earliest stages. This is huge as well. So, Tanya, welcome to this interview series. I'm so excited that I get to put you in front of the thousands of the public that I know through the Acubalance forum, and through all the functional medicine, naturopathic, acupuncturists, chiros, those kind of practitioners that I have outreached through healthy seminars. I'm so excited to introduce them to you and this United Nations Health Initiative. So why don't we start with you letting us know what is this and tell us about the World Wellness Weekend, please.

- It's my pleasure and I'm so thrilled to have you on board. You're just such an inspiration to everyone you meet, and it takes all of us, really. So, the World Wellness Weekend came about because what we realize that in the UN's Sustainability Index, they actually listed after ending hunger and poverty, wellbeing, the wellbeing of every country and its citizens and its cities and its regions as its third most important goal. And that's something really incredible because we all know that health is a priority for everyone. But do we really make it a priority in our lives? I feel that most people kind of take it for granted until something horrible happens, and then we get very reactive about it. So, this gives people an opportunity to be far more proactive about it, and the World Wellness Weekend is really in support of that mission. So unlike other days that are out there cause there's a Global Wellness. 

There's like a lot of other days helping people understand, hey, this is a good time to pay attention to yourself, the World Wellness Weekend actually connects professionals to their local community. So for instance, in your local community there's always providers of people in charge of the beauty and wellness and in particular for you as a fertility specialist and acupuncturist a massage therapists and mental wellness and emotional and physical fitness centers, anyone who really has wellness, as a part of their DNA, this is their opportunity to join a worldwide movement and open their clinics up that day and offer at least like in the minimum, a 60 minute educational activity or something to engage the public that's free to help people understand how to take better care of themselves and each other and in Canada, that's my mission really, is to use the World Wellness Weekend, to engage professionals to really become a voice in their local communities, to teach Canadians how to take better care of themselves and each other.

- This is excellent. So, this is a chance for the clinic's like Acubalance from Vancouver to give to the community, and that is healing. It's on its own. And it's a chance for the public to be proactive. So, practice prevention. If you're well, you want to maintain that and hey, can I feel even better? And if you are having health issues for a chance for you to find out what options are available to you? What is the weekend that we're doing this in 2019? What is the wellness weekend?

- So ever this is its third annual event, and it's going to be September 21 and 22nd 2019 this year, and of course, you'll see it again annually towards the end of September. And I wanted to mention something interesting that's just occurred to me in our conversation is that we're really 


thinking about this from a global perspective, if we could, after sustain, like on the Maslow's hierarchy if we can actually get beyond hunger and poverty. And number three would be well being as human beings rather than where can we go to the most expensive, luxurious vacation? Or what type of car could we get that's better and more expensive than the one we have? Or how could we get better furniture in our house? Instead, why couldn't we put, wellbeing as our third most expensive investment if we can actually start thinking like that, as Canadians, I think we just get so much more value out of life itself. Because ultimately you and I both know this and all of the practitioners do, too. We've been waiting, our turn to say, listen, make this a priority. Being somewhere and really being in the best shape of your life, the best energy of your life, since we're starting to live longer anyway, why don't you be the best version of yourself and literally upgrade yourself every year, rather than looking for other places to put that money. So, it's such an exceptional time because you're always educating people anyway, within your clinic, it's not like you're waiting for this one weekend to do it. But this gives people an opportunity because the PR that goes out for this helps your local citizens actually think, hey, this is my weekend to plan almost like a wellness festival or like a wellness pack. So that I can go to all the different kind of places in my area and see what I could learn about myself.

- Excellent idea. And you're talking about investing in yourself. We both know this from the neuroscience and just the movement of accepting yourself and healing from the inside out. I treat people that are worth millions and hundreds of millions of dollars. And if you don't have your mental health, your physical health, the furniture, the car, those trips are meaningless. And if you actually feel good about yourself, and you have that energy to jump out of bed and you feel positive, optimistic, and you radiate that, guess what you get that in your life anyhow, it gets related back to you. A book that I love was Shawn Achor Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness. He talks about, it's not that you become happy because you're successful, successful people are happy. That's why they become successful. So, this is what this is about. If you want to have more abundance in your life, you want more peace of mind, you want a loving relationship, you want that perfect health, then it starts by investing in yourself. And what we're talking about with this initiative. I know from our perspective, Tanya, it's about healing the mind and the body is not about I got digestive issues, I got elbow issues. 

It's about what is that self-talk? And how do you feel about yourself? And about what you do in your relationships and what you do and work? Are you loving yourself? Are you feeling good? Do you feel hopeful? Do you have purpose and meaning? And there are things that you can do on a subconscious level, which is why I show us that book again, I love your book. UnderMind is one of those books that I really do. I mean, you're being so much, you want to show it out. But this is something so simple. If you read this, you start to see and change your mindset. It's simple, not easy. Simple anybody can do it. Not easy, because if it was everybody wouldn't be doing it. So, step one, pick up Tanya's book. Getting back to this Canada Wellness Weekend this UN initiative. So, what's your vision for to as our Canadian Ambassador?

- So that's a great question. The vision that I have for it is really vast. Of course, I'm a big picture thinker, but if everyone in their regions, so if they thought about it, okay, what can I do in my 


city, and then how can I engage other wellness practitioners to work together, so, someone who's going to cover nutrition, someone who's going to cover the mind, the body, the spirit, and ultimately next year, we're going to be talking to provincial and city parks, to do a be well program for kids and families on that same weekend. And maybe it'll extend out to the whole week, so that this gives clinics an opportunity to offer free assessments or group classes. And you know, we have people even doing something really interesting, where we have certain spas or massage clinics that aren't doing in house events to necessarily bring more clients, which is one of the attributes of this also helps to bring more business to your door and new people that perhaps didn't consider, what your clinic had to offer for them. But they're doing an outreach program and going into their indigenous communities and doing something specifically for them because they've decided to make this wellness targeted at some part of the community that they feel needs a bit more support. So really, participants like professional participants can really do anything they want with this, if they start to think about, creating more wellness within their city and like working its way out, almost like that ripple effect. 

So that, again, all across the country, we're starting to see this movement, this wave where people start putting their wellness first. And then ultimately, you and I were talking about this, because I'm really championing this universal blood test for detection, early detection of cancer, once people actually have the ability to detect early, whether it be something like cancer or some other type of imbalance, and Lorne part of that mind-body connection is knowing that your mind, our mind is always speaking to us. It's like we know when something's not right, or the body, the subconscious mind communicates illness in the body through pain, it's like, okay, I should really do something about this. But we wait and we wait, and we wait, right? Like, we wait till it becomes impossible. And then we start to really put ourselves first. So what I really hope that this does is bridge the gap. So instead of just being socialized medicine, that we rely just on doctors in the hospital or emergency when we need it. Is that knowing that there's ways of early detection for every area of our body or even preventative, building that bridge so that we have continuous wellness. So that it's only when absolutely necessary, do we have to use the importance of the hospitals and medication and like, urgent care.

- You know, is this spectrum of health ideas? So, you have over here disease, and over here vitality.

- Right?

- And using these two systems, all these wellness centres, Acubalance being one, and then you have hospitals right. So, we want to see you, we want you to get to vitality. And so, a lot of the testing that we do in Canada social testing, it's really triage where you are you close to death we need to get you to a hospital. And then as you move along the spectrum of health, there is this place where your labs look normal, but you have diarrhea or constipation, you're fatigued, you have aches and pains you have premenstrual symptoms, infertility, headaches, but your labs are normal. So the absence of disease in our conventional system often is defined as health, but in the way, we think it life. Absence of disease is not health, there's vitality. 


So there's other testing, like you're testing for early detection of cancer, cause we all have cancer, but our body in his infinite wisdom, it's innate ability to heal and self regulate is dealing with it we lose that ability to self regulate, then it gets out of control. And so, you have early detection, you can look at simple things like dietary changes, stress reduction. Really stress reduction Sure, when your body's under stress, all this energy is being mobilized to fight or flight, it's in survival mode. So, the energy is not available to heal and repair. Then you can learn to listen to relaxation through certain stress reduction techniques, and your self talk, that you're freeing up energy to do that healing to do reproduction to do that repair. So, there are simple things that you can do early on in life before you have to go see an intervention like drugs or surgery or be hospitalization. And this is what we're talking about. This initiative is wellness is not absence to disease, absence of diseases, I don't have cancer, I don't want to go to the hospital. But I wake up and I'm tired, I feel anxious or depressed, I have headaches, I have a sore back. That's not vitality. That's not what we're talking about. Now we treat people and we're going to people like that, obviously, our goal is to get you to vitality. And so you can do the simple things on your own on a daily, weekly, monthly annual basis to maintain and see if you can increase it. We've talked about this before. It's like a professional athlete. They don't say, hey, I'm the best. I'm the MVP. I made it here like Michael Jordan. No, he kept on coming and practicing, can I maintain it? Can I get even better? 

I think most people want to wake up feeling full of vitality, feeling optimistic, positive having energy when they wake up, being able to go to bed and fall asleep easily feeling rested in the morning, that peace of mind that purpose and meaning going abundant. So this is what we're talking about. And this is why I'm so excited. My clinic will do something probably a whole week, I'll be teaching that weekend and Austria actually on using laser facility and just my favourite facility protocols. So I'll probably do myself something that week as a webinar on the mind-body stuff. So I'm so passionate about that. And then at our clinic, we have functional medicine, we have mayan massage, we have Chinese medicine. So we'll bring it all together. And we'll probably have a series of things, and make a week out of it and something on the weekend. And I'm encouraging all my colleagues so people that know me through Healthy Seminars, and we have lots of you guys throughout Canada and the States, your worldwide, but lots of Canadians, but worldwide, to connect with Tanya on this one to see how your clinic can get involved. Because if we can create healthy individuals, then we create healthy communities and then we create a healthy planet. 

So it is time to start investing in our well being mental and physical. So I'm so excited that you've introduced this to me inviting me to be a part of it. And one last question, then I know you have to go. How can professionals take advantage and participate, and I understand you said Lorne just because they know you they don't get in and you said there are criteria. So can you have to tell a little bit about what they need me to do if they want to take advantage and participate cause they're not coming through me, they're going to go through you.

- And I just want to let you know, I am so excited that you've taken on this role to be my co-ambassador in the integrative medicine field I have such esteemed for you I've seen you grow your passion and your knowledge and all of your seminars and just your incredible network of 


professionals who trust you and who follow you. So I really think this is such a great time in all of our lives. But I really want to thank you for being such a strong leader in your community. And it is.

- Thank you.

- You're welcome. But really and it's what's exciting is that it is you have to actually go through the website. And we'll give you the website for that. And you basically have to go through the registration. So you can register your clinic answer some of the questions. And you can register your clinic that goes on a geolocation map. So it actually identifies your business as a leader in wellness in your area. And it's a world map that you'll be recognized on along with other people in the community. So you get connection instant connection to this great global community. And I want to just mention that this was pioneered by a good friend and colleague of mine Jean-Guy de Gabriac who's from Belgium. An incredible leader also in the wellness movement. And you know, you'll see videos that they've put on to help you promote this event. And the way you want to do it like from your clinic is either you can use it to promote the products and services that you already offer. 

I personally think it would be interesting for people every year to make it a decision to say okay, I'm going to learn one new really important habit that I can sustain my wellness and I can actually sustain this habit. So for instance, if you want to teach, for instance, the basics of meditation, or how to integrate, self-massage, or certain stretching, as a part of what you're already doing. So we have these professional services that we do in clinic, but what can people do also at home in order to continue and do that homework, as my mother who's Russian used to always say that the biggest part is personal responsibility, we want to in Canada and the world help people take better personal responsibility for their health. So I want clinics to be able to teach the why behind what the problem is, how the body works, some techniques that they can use at home to help move themselves forward. And something that they can take advantage of in the clinic, as a product or service in order for them to really explore more of what feeling good feels like so that we actually realized that feeling good is the new normal. You know, we see that like one of the topics I teach is the neuroscience of the future you, we know the future is changing. 

The question is, are you are we capable Lorne really embracing all of these huge changes that are coming our way. And people get very overwhelmed, and they think it was better before when things were. But you know, we're only able to pioneer change as quick as people are willing to embrace it. So in order to really move society and our future forward, people have to be willing to actually say I'm ready for change. But that requires health well being and like you said the magic word, vitality. So this is what it has to feel like vitality needs to become our new normal. We as professionals need to assume our position as professors as teachers of this. And really stop thinking as oh we are selling services and products. No, we're really empowering people to take better care of themselves and each other.

- That is our role. And that's what our role will be, we're going to do some empowerment stuff 


that week. Obviously, people hear about your clinic, and they see a need, and they resonate with your services, they'll come to see you. So I encourage people, rather than trying to draw people into your clinic, it's that givers gain if you give and you change people's lives and you motivate them, trust me, once they know your products and services, they'll probably join into your clinic if they see the benefits. So our focus will be just on giving back. We're lucky we have a clinic, we live abundance, we have a busy practice. And a couple of times a year we like to do what we can to give back cause our baskets are full. So we're definitely going to make it about the public and education and offer some fun services that week to help people get motivated to get back into investing in their health. Cause I think that's the future. And as you said, though, I'm going to paraphrase it this way, when we start to change, and we go into this new world, this new paradigm of vitality, a lot of people It feels it's different, cause we're creatures of habituation. 

And so when we start to feel these changes, they're unfamiliar. And we interpreted as uncomfortable, but it's just because it's not familiar. And we often will fall back into old habits, even though they're not good for us. They're familiar and unknown, where you're starting to feel positive and take, you can't be a victim anymore, you get to take care of your health and invest in yourself. If you can be willing to sit in a little bit of this unknown, that will become your new norm that will become your new habituation. And you'll be glad that you went through that process. So I do encourage you guys to check out that website. What's that website one more time if you can tell us the website.

- So it's And I want to tell you about one thing that you'll see a lot and this is the "well-fie", so it's very, very well and well together, we use a lot of different things. There's a great "well-fie" video on there. So, anyone who has an opportunity to take a "well-fie" with their clients and start posting it, we're going to have our own version of selfies for people when they feel well.

- Great one.

- That's really exciting. And the other thing, actually, just to let is because we don't want to just like give them this activity and say, okay, see you later, we're really hoping that clinics will create some form of package or some sort of comeback, certificate or some sort of incentive to say, okay, you came to the world wellness weekend, good for you. Here's a promo code to come back and take advantage of this, this and this, so that we can support you along the journey. Because as you know, this is a bit of a learning curve, right. We're taught everything at school, except for how to take care of ourselves, right. Well, so this is a really important time for people who are participating in this event to stay in and lean in with their clients. And keep them along the journey. 

So start tailoring your newsletters and your emails and your social media into be more of that sort of partnership where you're encouraging personal responsibility as well as for them to come back and learn more. And the other thing that's really, really exciting about this particular type of venture. Is that it just helps people understand that, we are a society that looks at giving back, 


as you know, really important, I want us to start thinking that wellness and the providers of wellness are people who give forward, we are ones that wake up every day, and my goal is not set, I'm not doing this to give back, I am doing this to give forward, I want a future of wellness, I want my, you know son, and all of this new generation to just understand what wellness is. And one of the things that you'll find, in this book that you picked up in the 7 Subconscious Beliefs That Sabotage Your Life, one of them is I'm not worthy. And I can't tell you, Lorne, how many people just feel that you know what, but I want everyone to go first I'm not worthy of feeling well when everyone else is taken care of. It's my turn. And often that tree trunk that supports all those branches is the one that gets divided. And that's the person we lose. So it's really important more than ever to understand that we are it's, we deserve to feel well. And that just seems so selfish. 

And I really want to change that mindset so that it's self full. If you are a person who is self full, then you can give and these are things that we know you and I preach to the choir, basically like everyone listening to this within our networks, like we know this will good. You know what we need to start using this new language to empower our passion and stop thinking about this as being like salespeople of these services. No, really, we need to start becoming very forceful, in that we have to push ourselves forward and not hide that thinking, well, when someone needs us, here we are. Because I do find a lot of people in our industry are a little bit shy of self-promotion. Because we're healers, you know, we're givers, givers and healers don't self promote, but this is a perfect platform to do it. Because this really does help increase that, sustainability goal that the UN has decided, well being must become a worldwide initiative.

- And you know, it's often cause of healthcare, money, that culturally conflict and so often its just language rather than selling yourself, what you're doing is creating awareness and education. So many times when people come to our clinic, they say I didn't know this could have helped me with that they weren't aware that there was a non-drug or surgical approach for headaches or back pain or fertility, skin stuff, digestion, you didn't know. Why didn't my doctor tell me. You know, this is what this is about, it's not who's responsible to tell you it's these practitioners. So the practitioners listen to this. It's about education. So you don't have to be salesy. You just have to let people know what you're doing and why you're doing it so that it can become aware and then they can make those decisions. 

I love the part about you said the word he deserved in my practice, because I use acupuncture, laser functional medicine, and the energy psychology Bruce Lipton termed it energy psychology, EFT hypnosis And these are the things that I see in my practice is the belief, I don't deserve to have it all or I'm not worthy to receive. There's lack, I'm not lovable. And so we're more than saying the different. And so this is why, again, I love your book. And the work that you're doing that's when we can change these subconscious programs, cause we're running them, we didn't choose them when they were, downloaded as children and our parents with their best intention, did what they could. But since we're all kind of in hypnosis and those first seven to 12 years, we just take on that programming. And now as adults, we're running those programs almost 95% of the time, unconsciously. And so you can get in there and change those programs, then your actions are always congruent. Your actions and behaviours are always congruent with your 


mindset with your belief system, the subconscious. So you have a belief that you're not worthy. You can do all the affirmation you like, however, you do and change those programs. So your actions can follow your beliefs. And so when you start to feel worthy, you're just going to get up and choose to invest in yourself. That's where it change is. And again, I have to say, check out Tanya's book. Cause it talks about how to change those programs.

And then you just start to make those choices if I could share a quick story. Because I think stories sometimes can be powerful I was treating a woman that had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, this was many moons ago, and her main symptoms were depression, feeling depressed, fatigue, and achiness. And I did some of my background back then with NLP and hypnosis we did kind of like a timeline therapy and we basically the long and short of it is we kind of programmed while she sat with the acupuncture I use it like an induction, we program what it would be like when she was healthy. 

So we got off of how she felt now, and we were able to have her visually kinesthetically feeling it. We went through this whole process and an hour of her embodying a healthy body. Anyways, its two weeks later, and she comes in saying, I'm feeling really sore. So my first reaction back then was, oh, no, she's having a relapse, and it's not working so well, our treatment. But this is what she shared with me, this is the power of the mind. She said every day for the last five years, I walk to and from work almost every day, Monday to Friday, and I walk by this gym. And for whatever reason, last week, I stopped and I went in and I joined the gym. And I'm sore because I started to workout. Now in my session, I know as a therapist, if somebody's depressed and sore and tired, exercise is a great thing to help with that there's endorphins, serotonin, blood flow, etc. I never mentioned you need to do exercise, all I did is programmed in her a healthy being. And then that subconscious has that picture. I call it the GPS the destination. And then it percolates up into our conscious mind to go into that gym. So before that, she believed she was not worthy. She only saw this sick. So she doesn't even notice the gym that she walks by no desire to go in, that opportunity was always there. But she missed it. Once that programming had a shift for her that this is where you're going you're healthy, you're vibrant, you feel good. Now when she walked by, something lead her in there, and that's that subconscious program. So that's the simplicity of it. When the program changes, all of a sudden, the opportunities in front of you are there, they're always there, but you become aware of them. And right action must create the right thinking, you and I have to have another talk on this cause you and I could go all day on this right?

- Well, I just want to say that I think everyone wants to be programmed to go to the gym. So just put the beds out there, lay us all down get the acupuncturist going, let's all you know, download the program for the daily gym. But I think you know, and that's a great like, that's there's nothing. There's just that great example and so many others that I'm sure you could share from all the great stories that you have. And you know, just to one, save it like this book I co-authored with my partner and courageous living NP and RT Joanna Andrews. She's created this PNRT, the Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy to help people go in and reprogram those beliefs just like exactly like what you're saying. 


And I think that it's so important for people to understand that there's just so many ways that they can lead themselves to a new place of wellness, most people think I just want to go back to who I was, or I want to find that thinner version or I want to go back to that person before whatever trauma beat me up, you know, or I became cynical with all the things that happened, my relationship, this and that. And we really want people to think you know what, instead of thinking, I got to go back to who I was this, this version of myself. Why don't you move forward to the happiest healthiest version of who you're moving into. Because we're always growing and evolving and changing and everything cumulatively that brought us here has literally contributed to this one time. So then take all of this, and then use the tools that all of these professionals have to offer to give yourself a new chapter, a new life as adults, we can birth ourselves into a new reality and make that the life we've always dreamed up. Or even some people need an opportunity to figure out what that dream is cause they don't even imagine what a better life could be. So another clinic could even decide, hey, let's keep people thinking of a new vision. 

So like you said, we could take this forever, but I just again, want to acknowledge you for all the work you're doing. And thank you so much for your help, and to all the practitioners that are out there making the world a more wealth place. Thank you so much and join this movement, you will be amazed. And you will love all the other people that are in here. We have ambassadors from India, from you know, Finland from like, literally over 100 countries around the world. Thousands of clinics are participating. So join this new elite membership of people and it's free to join who really just wanted to make a difference.

- Tanya, thank you very much. She's our Canada Word this Weekend Ambassador to the United Nations. And I heard I have a title now too, what's my title again?

- So you are the World Wellness Weekend Ambassador for Integrative Medicine.

- Right.

- To Canada. Thank you so much.

- All right, I got a title. I love that. I feel like a.

- Comes with responsibility Lorne sorry.

- With great power comes great responsibility. I appreciate that. Tanya, thank you very much and look forward to seeing you online again and connecting with you in person and keep up the amazing work. Appreciate you taking the time for us to chat today.

- Thank you so much for taking your time.