Are you full of crap? Not a good idea if you are trying to get pregnant!

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Most of us who eat the North American diet may not be aware of how much crap we are eating. "Crap" is being defined here as junk food, processed foods, refined flours, trans fats, and added sugar. These foods can interfere with our fertility as well as increase our chances of certain cancers, Alzheimer, diabetes, depression and obesity. Basically, fast food and junk food listed above lead to inflammation and hormonal imbalances through insulin spikes and this can result in accelerated aging and premature degenerative diseases, including premature fertility decline.

With the help of local nutritionists in 2009, I published my book online, The Acubalance Fertility Diet, which outlines the diet and lifestyle for slowing down accelerated aging and reversing premature biological aging to help optimize fertility. 

I continue to review research and publications on diet and lifestyle. There are several different ideas put fourth as the “best” diet. Some say "eat meat," some say "no meat." Some say "no carbs," others say "carbs are okay." No to fat, yes to fat. I wanted to share what I have found from my literature review, including my fertility diet book, specifically what they all have in common. Rather than getting caught up in the details, if you can focus on the pillars of diet and lifestyle presented below, you will live longer and you will live well longer. Plus, it will increase your chances of getting pregnant and will set the stage for your future child’s health blueprint as well.

My diet and lifestyle Pillars for Good Health are aligned with Michael Pollan’s advice: "eat Whole Foods, mostly plant-based and not too much."

  1. No processed food
  2. No refined flours
  3. No added sugar (fresh berries & fruit are okay)
  4. Eat lots of veggies (9 servings per day)

There is more you can do regarding the quality of meat (grass fed only) and fats (yes, you need fat but it depends on quality and type) but if you get off the crap and focus on eating more vegetables, you are doing great.

I usually start couples on a gentle detox and elimination diet to help regulate blood sugars and inflammation, which reduces the cravings for junk food. Then we transition into eating for life the pillars I listed above. I have been eating this for over a year now and I have lost, and kept off, 18 pounds without exercise. There was no calorie counting and I enjoyed myself as well. It is how I eat now, it was not a diet fad. Now I have added exercise to the list because no healthy lifestyle with the goal to slow down and turn back the biological clock is complete without daily exercise.

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