Another Remembrance Day

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Acubalance has taken a moment of silence, and closed its doors for Orange Shirt Day. 


For the past year, whenever you have had a treatment with me, you have been contributing to a fund that supports First Nations children and families. Today marks an opportunity for all of us to pay our respects, and I would like to speak from the heart about an issue I feel strongly about. 


One year ago, I extended my clinic hours at Acubalance to include a few appointments per week, 100% of which go directly to an organization called First Nations Family Caring Society. Headed by Cindy Blackstock, the FNC society has been championing the rights of Indigenous children in Canada for many years. Blackstock has been voted number 27 on Maclean’s magazine’s Powerlist of 50 most influential Canadians. 


While First Nations youth have been out in the streets, fighting for some of the most basic rights that you and I take for granted every day, Blackstock has been in the courtroom and the halls of government doing the same. She has taken the Canadian government all the way to the Supreme Court and won. Unfortunately, the win hasn’t changed life for First Nations youth. Indigenous children still make up half of Canadian youth in Government care, even though they account for less than 8% of the Canadian child population. Today  is not about remembering a past crime against humanity: this issue is current and ongoing. The last residential school may have closed its doors, but First Nations youth are still being raised in state care, away from their families. 


Thanks to you and the support of Acubalance (shout out to Lorne Brown), I have raised $10,000 in the past year for this important organization. And today is the perfect time to really reflect on where we’ve been and where we hope to land if we are to wake up together in an equitable society one day.



If you would like to make a difference, consider contributing to the First Nations Family Caring Society. Click here for the donation page. 



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