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Regulating Cycles and Getting Pregnant Naturally with PCOS

Sep 17, 2020 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P, FABORM
Since September is PCOS awareness month, I thought I would combine a success story with some information about one of my favourite supplements for people struggling with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).

Working From Home Hurting Your Back?

Sep 02, 2020 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P, FABORM
If you’re like the many thousands of people in Vancouver that transitioned to working from home due to the pandemic, you may have also struggled with setting up a decent home office space. Lack of proper desk space or office chairs resulting in poor posture for 8 hours a day can wreak havoc on your back, hips, neck, and/or shoulders. 

Surgery for Endometriosis

Jul 15, 2020 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P, FABORM
When facing a diagnosis such as endometriosis, there are quite a few avenues of treatment. You may be presented with hormonal options like birth control to eliminate your periods or medication which puts you into temporary menopause, or perhaps you are contemplating surgery.

The Fertility Diet Simplified

Jul 12, 2020 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P, FABORM
Diet is one of the main pillars for a healthy mind and body, especially when you are focusing on boosting your fertility (preparing your body for pregnancy, prepping for an IVF or IUI, or trying to conceive naturally). Knowing what to eat is complicated enough, but through the lens of fertility adds another layer of complexity.

Optimizing your Digestion during Springtime

May 27, 2020 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P, FABORM
Springtime has a lot of my patients thinking about diets, cleanses, and what they’re putting into their bodies in general. This self evaluation is definitely necessary to check in with yourself about your personal health goals and what modifications may be necessary, but it’s important to make informed and personalized choices as opposed to what’s presented on the internet or social media.


Apr 21, 2020 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P, FABORM
Quite a few of my patients have emailed me the past month updating me on their cycles since lock down. Thankfully for many of them, the consistency of their past treatments have awarded them the lasting benefits of continued menstrual relief. But for a handful of them, the lack of consistent treatment along with the added pandemic stress resulted in an increase in symptoms.

Investing in your Health During Social Isolation

Apr 07, 2020 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P, FABORM
Taking care of yourself during social isolation is not cancelled. When I say “investing” in your health during social isolation, I’m not just referring to financially, but how to best utilize your time and energy to optimize your health so you not only feel healthy, happy, and relaxed during quarantine but ready to take on the world when everything is back to normal.

What You Can Do In Between Acupuncture Treatments To Boost Fertility

Mar 26, 2020 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P, FABORM
For a variety of reasons - financial constraints, schedule conflicts, or a worldwide pandemic that has shut everything down - some patients aren’t able to come in the once or twice weekly recommended dosage of acupuncture treatments.


Feb 18, 2020 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P, FABORM
I have many patients coming to me about to start an IVF cycle. And whether it’s their first or their fourth their main concern is doing everything they possibly can to make this their best (and last) cycle. When it comes to boosting IVF success I like to use all of our available tools, especially when we don’t have too much time to work with (at least 2-3 months before an IVF cycle is ideal).

EXERCISE AND FERTILITY: How much is too much?

Jan 29, 2020 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P, FABORM
I get this question at least weekly in clinic and since it’s a pretty hot topic and we haven’t blogged about it in quite a few years, I thought I would shed some light and include some more up to date information and studies. The first thing we need to do is separate the facts for men and women.