Acupuncture to Relieve Pain

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In my practice, I treat a variety of health complaints, such as eczema, allergies, fertility, digestive problems, anxiety and sleep. However, when you tell your friend that you see an acupuncturist, usually they assume it’s for pain. The reason acupuncture has this reputation is because it works so quickly and effectively for pain, that people tend to believe that’s all it treats. While the scope of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine is broad, it is absolutely true that for alleviating chronic or acute pain, it is an effective, trusted alternative to over-the-counter pain management drugs.

Earlier today, I treated a patient seeking complementary care to support her through an IVF cycle. However, it happens that she also suffers from insomnia and back pain. So for today's, treatment, I focussed on her back with very quick results. When she left, she said she felt taller. She had none of the usual achy, weak feeling down her spine, plus she could finally take a comfortable deep breath. She was so surprised, she could hardly believe it.

I see this a lot; folks who get so used to their chronic pain that they are speechless when it’s suddenly dulled or even gone altogether.

Something else I see quite a bit is pain in pregnancy. Because they are unable to take most pain killers, and many of them prefer not to anyway, pregnant women often suffer in silence with the many aches and pains of pregnancy. This is where acupuncture can be really helpful. It is very safe for pregnant women, especially for pelvic, hip and low back pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as swelling and varicosities. And treating pain in pregnancy, from a practitioner perspective, is very satisfying. Women arrive feeling distressed, exhausted and hopeless after days or weeks of chronic pain, and they leave feeling relieved. And when you’re pain is gone, you can sleep, get exercise, and socialize again.

If you are having any pain, in pregnancy or otherwise, call the clinic and book an acupuncture appointment. You’re going to feel better soon.