How Acupuncture Improves Fertility

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I wanted to share with you a 4-minutes-long patient friendly video that summarizes the research on how acupuncture enhances natural fertility.   I am asked this question often and I think my colleague Irina did an excellent job of illustrating this for the general public.

  1. Regulates hormones to the benefit of regulating menstrual cycles, ovulation, follicular development
  2. Increases blood flow to the reproductive organs (ovaries, testes and uterine lining)
  3. Uterine receptivity and implantation
  4. Calms the stress response (chronically elevated stress hormones negatively impact fertility) and releases feel good hormones (you deserve to feel happy)
  5. Improves sperm quality and quantity

Click video play button to watch:

We received a success story from a 38 year young fertility client this week.  Her journey demonstrates how acupuncture helps regulate hormones (evident by her reduction of menstrual pain and regulating of her monthly cycle) plus optimizes fertility whether trying to conceive naturally or to support IVF success.  Click here to read success story

A reminder of the regular public talks we offer through Acubalance similar to the one in the story above.  Check to see if there is presentation happening this week.  Please check back regularly to learn about our integrative hormone acupuncture and fertility talks presented by our integrative team of fertility acupuncturist, naturopath (ND), medical doctor (MD) and functional medicine practitioner.   Click here for our calendar of events


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