Acubalance is Supporting a Great Cause!

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You know how sometimes you accidentally do a good deed without even realizing it? For example, holding the door a little longer after you pass through, or even just smiling at a stranger in public? Well, if you’ve seen me at Acubalance in the past month, you have supported a charitable organization, all while napping under the heat lamps, and listening to the waves. 


At the beginning of November, I opened my schedule for a few extra appointments per week to support the good work being done by Cindy Blackstock and her team at the First Nations Caring Society. With the support of Acubalance, I have been able to donate over $1,000 so far. 


Coming to grips with our colonial past requires examining how our current lives still echo its troubling legacy. When you consider that indigenous children account for 7.7% of all children (0-14) in Canada, and 52.2% of children in state care, we have a real problem. There are more children in state care right now then there were at the height of residential schools.This is an appalling statistic, and clearly, we have work to do. 


Our most powerful tool for healing and moving forward is truth, empathy, and knowledge. Truth and Reconciliation is an excellent starting point, but it’s only just that: a start. 


So at the point where you feel like the stamp at the bottom of your email just isn’t enough, then consider the First Nations Caring Society as a great place to support in their work to make Canada an equitable place for First Nations children and families.