Inflammation and Infertility, Is There A Connection?

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When it comes to the symptoms of inflammation there are many which are commonly recognized. Bloating, loose bowels, constipation, skin disorders like Eczema, weight gain, fatigue, poor concentration and joint pain are all easily recognizable as possible inflammatory conditions. What many people don't know is that excess inflammation can cause all sorts of reproductive problems in both men and women.  

Inflammation can negatively impact the central regulator of fertility in women by modifying GNRH neurons. What this means is that when inflammation levels are too high fertility will be negatively impacted making it more difficult to achieve a healthy natural pregnancy. We also know that inflammation not only impacts natural fertility but can also negatively impact IVF cycles. The good news is that often small changes can make a big impact on the regulation of inflammation helping to improve your chances of a pregnancy. Here are a few of my favorite ways to quickly make a significant impact on unhealthy inflammation.

4 Ways To Boost Fertility by Decreasing Inflammation


1 - Diet

Decrease pro-inflammatory foods such as sugar, coffee and alcohol while increasing anti-inflammatory foods such as fresh vegetables. To learn more about what to eat to boost fertility and decrease inflammation click here for our Acubalance Fertility Diet  

2 - Supplements

It's generally easier for patients to just take a pill rather than make any significant lifestyle changes. I recommnd you do no take the wasy way out and do both. Many of the fertility supplements we recommend such as CoQ10, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, NAC and Glutathione all positively impact inflammation and improve fertility. At Acubalance we create specifically tailored supplement plans for each patient and use a variety of antioxidants to support our patients' fertility.  

3 - Acupuncture.

Acupuncture helps to treat inflammation by regulating cytokines which are proteins found in the body's immune system. These control the way the cells interact with each other and plays a big role in inflammation. Specific cytokines increase inflammation and acupuncture helps to regulate these conditions. Acupuncture also helps to regulate cortisol which is another way it supports the bodies ability to control inflammation.  

4 - Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT/photobiomodulation). Acubalance has been an early adoptor of laser for fertility and I am proud to say we have been pioneering laser for fertility in Canada and around the world. Photobiomodulation is a safe and effective way to regulate inflammation and has been shown to be effective in many conditions related to fertility such as Poor Ovarian Reserve, PCOS and Endometriosis. More information - Laser For Fertility

It's easy to get overwhelmed with what you need to do to improve your health and fertility. Start off with a few small changes and keep moving forward.  
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Dr. Ryan Funk
Doctor of Chinese Medicine
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