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Knock These Back To Knock Her Up! A list of Male Fertility Supplements

May 19, 2016 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
Alright guys, women have been taking prenatal vitamins for years and its about time that we do too. Studies have shown the benefit for women to take vitamins in pregnancy for almost 70 years yet the idea of vitamins for men and fertility is a relatively new idea.

Discounted IVF In Canada Using INVOcell Technology

May 12, 2016 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
A clinic in Calgary is looking for 100 founder patients to pay a discounted rate of $4,000 for this new low cost modified IVF cycle. Patient fee's will be raised to $6,500 once the clinic is up and running.

Phase 4 - What You Can Do During the Two Week Wait to Improve Your Fertility

Apr 08, 2016 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
The luteal phase is also known as your pre-menstrual phase or more commonly the The Two Week Wait! This 4th phase is a long 12-14 days where women who have been trying to conceive often feel every twinge, pang and twang thinking it possibly can be implantation.  

Phase 3 - What You Can Do To Help Ovulation and Boost Fertility

Apr 06, 2016 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
This is the magical phase of a cycle where an egg is released from the ovary and if present, sperm will penetrate the egg to create an embryo. All of this happens in or around the Ovaries and fallopian tubes, not within the uterus. 

Phase 1 - What You Can Do During Your Period To Help Improve Your Fertility

Mar 30, 2016 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
There are 4 phases of a menstrual cycle and each phase fulfills a different purpose supporting your fertility.  Each of these phases offers an opportunity to help boost and improve fertility while increasing your chances of conceiving.  The four phases of your cycle are:

The Trilogy of Male Fertility! Boost by 42% or Bust by 49%

Mar 16, 2016 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
Although commonly overlooked, male factor infertility is very common. When looking at the stats infertility is 33% male factor, 33% female factor and 33% combination male/female factor. This means that 66% of the time there is a male problem that needs to be addressed yet in my practice I see the guys less than 30% of the time. Definitely an area of infertility where we need some improvement!

Why Is Infertility On The Rise? It's More Complex Than You Think!

Mar 14, 2016 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
The ability for couples to conceive has become harder and harder with each passing year. With infertility being so common few discuss why this has been happening.

Top 5 Mistakes Women With Endometriosis Commonly Make

Mar 09, 2016 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
Endometriosis has been diagnosed in approximately 12 million women in the United States alone and is one of the leading causes of infertility. It causes debilitating pain and decreases a woman's quality of life. Some of the most basic lifestyle changes can severely aggravate the symptoms associated with endometriosis.

Your Fertility Project Manager

Feb 17, 2016 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
You are like a project manager for my fertility! You have been able to help translate what my Doctors have been saying and explain all my treatment options. After my visits with you I have a clear understanding of what is going on and what I need to do to move forward with my fertility.