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Repairing Your Health Or Preparing Your Health? The Fastest Way To Feeling Great!

Dec 27, 2017 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
It's human nature to push the limits of abusing our health. We walk on the edge of dis-ease in so many aspects of our lives. We can "get away" with only 5 hours of sleep or we know that if I have one more glass of wine I should still wake up feeling not "that bad". We are always looking at toeing the line of not feeling sick or unwell which keeps us in a state of repair. What if we begin to toe the line of feeling great?

How Early Can I Do A Home Pregnancy Test After IVF?

Dec 18, 2017 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
One of the most difficult aspects of an IVF cycle is the Two Week Wait. It's commonly referred to as TWW on message boards and blogs all over the internet. It can be a very stressful and anxiety provoking time where couples go stir crazy micromanaging every slight twinge or twang. The temptation of doing a home pregnancy test can be extremely strong! If done too early you will get a false result.

1 Festive Holiday Food To Boost Fertility

Dec 13, 2017 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
The holidays are known for a diet that tanks our health and swells our midsections. The good news is one of the common foods served can boost our fertility. The mini cabbage takes the cake for couples trying to conceive. Both men and women will see improvements to their chances of conception by eating brussel sprouts and here's why!
Rich in Folic Acid

What Do You Give Up When You Want To Move Up?

Dec 07, 2017 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
I was listening to John Maxwell today and he mentioned that for us to improve ourselves, to move ourselves up in any area of our lives we need to leave something else behind.

5 Tips To Stay Fit Over The Holidays

Nov 30, 2017 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
Most North Americans throw in the towel when it comes to their health over the holidays. It's often open season for eating cake, drinking too much, not getting enough sleep and saying we're too busy to hit the gym. It's no wonder why most of us create New Years resolutions like starting a cleanse or Junk Free January to help get us back on track. What if we didn't trash our health over the next few weeks?

Can a Man's Weight Affect Fertility?

Nov 16, 2017 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
In my practice I encounter many men seeking to shed a few pounds. This isn't just for vanity but for the benefits that go along with guys who have a healthy weight. The excess weight around the midsection is a common thing for us here in North America.

4 Do's For Dudes Wanting To Become Dads

Nov 03, 2017 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
November is here and MOvember is in full swing, so this feels like a great time to take a look at the relationship between men's health and fertility.

Three Things Not To Do When Getting Acupuncture For Fertility

Oct 25, 2017 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
There are so many things that can benefit a person who is undergoing Acupuncture for their fertility. Acupuncture can be very effective in regulating hormones, improving blood flow and treating fertility. There are things that can both decrease or boost these benefits and when practiced consistently can increase your odds of success. Through the years I have found 3 things that greatly decrease the benefits of patients coming for Acupuncture.

How Your Thyroid is Treated with Chinese Medicine and How It Effects Fertility

Oct 16, 2017 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
A huge percentage of the patients I see have been diagnosed with having a poorly functioning thyroid, primarily hypothyroid. Having a thyroid that is under performing causes all kinds of symptoms that can be life changing.

One Good Egg For a Second Time, A Case Study Success

Sep 27, 2017 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
Women will often lose hope when diagnosed with low ovarian reserve. It's often diagnosed with an AMH (Anti Mulerian Hormone) blood test, antral follicle count  (AFC) or poor response to an IVF cycle. At this point many women will be encouraged to use donor eggs as they will have over a 60% chance of success.