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IVF Success Story by Combining Acupuncture with Laser

Apr 23, 2019 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
I was treating a patient since last fall who has an amazing story I wanted to share. She went through many lows during her 5 years trying to conceive before she had her successful pregnancy. I hope her story will bring hope to others who have been trying to conceive without success.

You Know You're Doing Something Right When A Patient Walks in With a Cane But Forgets It After Their Treatment

Apr 02, 2019 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
This happened to me recently and it brings so much joy to my practice knowing we can offer relief for those who are in pain.  

3 Home Remedies To Alleviate Painful Periods

Mar 25, 2019 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
Painful periods can be one of the most life-disrupting part of a woman's cycle interfering with some of the simplest daily activities. Although commonly associated with endometriosis, women can have pain with their periods without having this condition. These pains can come in a variety of combinations. Some women experience sharp abdominal discomfort while others get constant low back ache.

3 ways to Improve Egg Quality

Mar 05, 2019 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
A common diagnosis given to patients trying to conceive is that of poor ovarian reserve, sometimes known as diminished ovarian reserve. This condition is diagnosed when a woman's egg count (ovarian reserve) is low or comparatively low for her age. A Women's egg reserve started when they were born and will not produce more eggs throughout their lifetime.

3 Foods Men Should Not Eat When Trying To Conceive

Jan 16, 2019 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
Today, 1 in 6 couples are having trouble conceiving and studies are showing that male fertility is on a steep decline. The average man is producing less than half the amount of sperm compared to the men in the 1940's. The fact that sperm counts have had such a significant decline in a relatively short period of time points towards more lifestyle and environmental factors rather than genetic.

9 tips to get your Digestion On Track In The New Year

Jan 08, 2019 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
With the holidays behind us many of us (myself included) are entering the new year a few pounds heavier and generally speaking not feeling all that healthy. One of the best ways to kick start our health for 2019 is to get our digestion back on track. A healthy digestive system allows our cells to grow, create energy, optimizes our immune system and promote cell repair.

Diet Hack For The Holidays

Dec 14, 2018 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
One of the most difficult times of the year to stay healthy is over the holidays.  With so many gatherings and social events it's near impossible not to be surrounded by poor choices. To be honest, I really enjoy some of the poor choices as well. Some of these Rich foods have been a traditional part of my holidays ever since I can remember.  I am not willing to say no to them all nor do I want too.

1 Daily Habit Men Do That Increases Miscarriage Rates by 73%

Nov 27, 2018 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
I'm a big believer that the little things we do on a daily basis can make a massive impact on our health. This is true in all aspects of our health including fertility.

5 Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds?

Oct 30, 2018 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
As I was carving jack o lanterns the other day, I made sure to put aside all the pumpkin seeds. Growing up, one of my fond memories was eating the freshly roasted seeds for the following week after Halloween. What many people are not aware of is the amazing nutritional impact these seeds have on our health.

Tired Sperm? Sleep More! How Sleep Influences Male Fertility

Oct 29, 2018 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
When it comes to fertility I believe there are a handful of things we do an a daily basis that greatly effect our chances of conceiving. One area that I like to focus on with all my patients is their sleep.