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3 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Insulin Resistance and Fertility

Sep 27, 2021 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
What can you do if you have been diagnosed with PCOS, Insulin Resistance or are showing signs of insulin resistance ?  The good news is that there are several things which can be done to help improve insulin sensitivity that you can start today.  

Natural Pregnancy After Failed IVF Transfer and Cancelled Frozen Embryo Transfer - Case Study

Sep 10, 2021 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
I wanted to share a unique case study seen here at Acubalance and more importantly the challenges my fertility patients experience and the persiste

Fertility Burn Out - Top Signs to Watch Out For

Jul 26, 2021 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM

Going through fertility issues can be one of the most stressful times of a person's life. With our hectic schedules, most of my patients do have a level of chronic stress that they are dealing with. This isn't a problem until it becomes overwhelming. This often happens slowly without us knowing on a conscious level that we are losing the battle and heading towards fertility burn out.  

Your Gut, Your Health and Your Fertility

Jul 15, 2021 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
When it comes to overall health and your fertility, gut health is a big player in your success. Science has been stumbling upon more and more research supporting the importance of your gut microbiome in almost all aspects of your health. This theory has been around for over 2,500 years and as time goes on science has been showing how accurate this statement really is.

Tips Before Egg Freezing and How To Boost Your Fertility - A Podcast Interview

Jul 08, 2021 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
I recently had the pleasure of talking with a previous patient (Kristina Lao) about her experience going through an egg freezing cycle which she has posted to youtube. So many women go through an egg-freezing cycle in silence, alone and unsure of what the experience will be like.

The Top 5 Ways To Prepare For An Egg Freezing Cycle

Apr 30, 2021 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
You've made the decision to move forward with freezing your eggs but are now wondering what you can do to help improve the chances of getting the best eggs possible. Your fertility clinic has likely already discussed the cost, drugs and timeline that they suggest for the procedure but what can you do to get the best outcome possible?   

How To Boost Your Chances of Pregnancy While Doing an IUI

Aug 27, 2020 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
If you are looking for ways to help improve your chances of success while undergoing western fertility treatments you're not alone. Most studies focus on how to improve IVF (in vitro fertilization) cycles but little is mentioned on how to improve IUI cycles. Although there may be a lack of available information there are things which you can do to help boost your chances of a healthy pregnancy during an IUI cycle.  

4 Ways To Boost Health By Supporting Your Mitochondria

Jun 11, 2020 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
If we were to do one thing to improve our health it would be to improve our health at a cellular level. We can do this by supporting our Mitochondria. Most people don't know anything about these rice looking parts of our cells but they are extremely important. Things like muscle growth, energy, vision and hearing are dependent on healthy mitochondria. If they are not functioning as they should it can even lead to organ failure.

6 Ways To Improve Your Sleep

Jun 04, 2020 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
Sleep is one of the most vital body functions needed to support good health. If we are not getting enough sleep it can lead to emotional unbalance, mental burnout and physical weakness. Lack of sleep throws off our ability to make decisions and even increases the amount of calories we eat during the day.

When Willpower Still Isn't Enough. Why Are You So Tired?

May 05, 2020 | Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM, FABORM
I have seen a common phenomenon not only in myself but in the people around me and my patients. I have seen healthy, energetic people go through periods where they lose all motivation and fail to move forward on a clear path. They have no energy, their get up and go, has gotten up and gone! It's not laziness or depression. No matter how hard you push or dig deep into your will power it just feels like too much.