Bruce Lipton PhD: "If you change your perception, you change your biology"

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A message of empowerment from Dr. Bruce Lipton: "the environment that we interpret is what actually is controlling our genetic activity".

Therefore, if you change your interpretation of the environment or your interpretation of life, by definition, you change your genetics.

In this video, Dr Lipton explains the concept of epigenetics and how YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A VICTIM TO YOUR GENES.

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During my interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton, he answered some questions I collected from my colleagues and he explained how YOU can create that "honeymoon effect" for yourself and enjoy it for the rest of your life!

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When I chatted with Dr. Bruce Lipton, he explained how our thoughts influence our gene expression and our behaviour. So what can we do to change?

In this video, Dr Lipton explains how YOU can change YOUR THOUGHTS and get YOUR POWER back!

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Individuals have the power within their own subconscious minds to make the change to save the planet and humanity from going extinct.

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How to use the power of your subconscious mind, by Bruce Lipton PhD



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