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A Hopeful Beginning Continues

Dec 07, 2015 | Bronwyn Melville, R.TCM.P, FABORM, B.A.,
For woman suffering with polycystic ovarian syndrome, the road to parenthood can be a long and bumpy one. While that’s not always the case, PCOS having a complex and varied picture, some women struggle for years. This week I saw a ray of sunlight that renewed my belief that PCOS is not the death-knell of fertility.

Inflammation and the Gut

Nov 17, 2015 | Bronwyn Melville, R.TCM.P, FABORM, B.A.,
Inflammation is a word we hear a lot these days in the health blogosphere. Since it is both an ally and enemy, it’s important to have the basic Cole’s notes on how it all works, and how to keep it in check where possible.


Nov 13, 2015 | Bronwyn Melville, R.TCM.P, FABORM, B.A.,
We went low-fi at Acubalance today. Sitting in the back office with Alda, halfway through breakfast and all the lights went out. There was a two minute flurry of checking on patients in their treatment rooms, followed by an awkward moment of “now what”. That’s when we realized that actually, this is really not a problem for us.

Gratitude and Respect

Oct 22, 2015 | Bronwyn Melville, R.TCM.P, FABORM, B.A.,
Gratitude and respect: That is what washed through my mind the other day when a patient updated me on her situation. I often find myself sweeping up the detritus of bad bedside manners sadly common in the Assisted Reproductive Technology world. However, yesterday stoked my appreciation and sense of amazement for what, in general, doctors accomplish every day, and in particular, for what one gynecologist did: saved my patient's life.

Miracle Baby

Oct 08, 2015 | Bronwyn Melville, R.TCM.P, FABORM, B.A.,
Starting work early in the morning, it sometimes takes me awhile to snap into gear. Today, however, was different. A patient woke me up with amazing news and I am inspired to share it.

Acupuncture and TCM for fertility and so much more

Sep 28, 2015 | Bronwyn Melville, R.TCM.P, FABORM, B.A.,
Not a week goes by without someone asking me if their relative or friend can see me at Acubalance even though they’re not trying to conceive. Because I specialize in fertility, folks often assume that I either can’t or won’t see patients for other conditions. This certainly is not the case and, in fact, when I treat fertility, really I’m treating general health and wellness, which is a very similar process in Traditional Chinese Medicine:... Read more

Intercourse and IVF

Sep 21, 2015 | Bronwyn Melville, R.TCM.P, FABORM, B.A.,
One of the common questions I hear from couples undergoing IVF is about intercourse: Is it safe to have sex during an in vitro cycle? Is it harmful? Can it diminish the potential for implantation and ongoing pregnancy? Will it “dislodge” the embryo?

Season of Transition

Sep 11, 2015 | Bronwyn Melville, R.TCM.P, FABORM, B.A.,
Summer can be a time of departure from normal routine; our sleep, travel, and eating habits often take a sideways lurch over which we often have no control. When September washes in and you say goodbye to visiting relatives, old friends, and newlyweds, try to let some old habits wash away too.

Give me Three Good Reasons

Sep 01, 2015 | Bronwyn Melville, R.TCM.P, FABORM, B.A.,
People often ask me why they should use traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture in the treatment of fertility. The answer is not a short one; there are many benefits, ranging from stress- relief to increased energy, better digestion and improved sleep. However, in a quest for simplicity, I will distill these principles for you. Why you should employ TCM practices in you endeavor to start or build your family: My top three.

How To Be Happier - It Might Seem Crazy What I'm 'bout to Say

Aug 25, 2015 | Bronwyn Melville, R.TCM.P, FABORM, B.A.,
I don’t know how anyone could listen to Pharrell William’s song “Happy” and not feel, well, happy. He describes happiness in such a light and snappy way, that you might find yourself doing an involuntary tap-dance and asking “is it possible that Happiness can be THAT simple?”. According to some current research, the answer is both YES and NO: yes, you can choose happiness, and no, it’s not quite that simple. Choosing happiness requires a bit... Read more