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Acupuncture for Anxiety and Sleep

Dec 01, 2017 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
With the busiest season of the year just around the corner, the number of patients arriving at the clinic exhausted and frazzled has increased exponentially: in bed late, up early, frantically meal/gift planning during your breaks at work. If this sounds like you, it may be time to revisit your acupuncturist for some much needed, rejuvenating sleep.

Recipe for Men

Nov 17, 2017 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
Ignoring the double entendre of this blog title, I endeavour to move forward in Movember fashion with a simple but powerful recipe. For men. A food recipe that is good for men’s reproductive health, to be clear, not a list of ingredients that make a man; everyone knows they’re made of puppy-dog’s tails.

Homemade Personal Care Products: It's the dry shampoo!

Nov 10, 2017 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
If you are anywhere near as big a fan of The Baroness Von Sketch as I am, then you’ve definitely seen

Homemade Lotion

Nov 03, 2017 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
In my continued effort to make a world where more people make their own basic self-care products, I will describe my most recent foray into homemade lotion.


Oct 26, 2017 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
Despite the biblical rain, there are still those of us who endeavor to get onto a bicycle everyday.

Homemade Deodorant Recipe

Oct 19, 2017 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
Not long ago I posted an article on the importance of cutting down unnecessary chemicals in our environment in order to support health and fertility. My hope is that you will be exposed to non harmful compounds only. To follow up on that, I’ve decided to do a series of blogs outlining some of my favourite home-made basics; a toiletries kit for beginners. These are not theoretical for me. I actually use these products and have thus cut most store... Read more

Acupuncture For the Relief of Pain

Oct 12, 2017 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
I have a confession.


Oct 05, 2017 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
Looking on the internet, which, by the way, you should never do, I’ve noticed a handful of acupuncture myths that continue to cycle through popular consciousness. Some of them are funny, some are frightening, but the one thing they have in common is being woefully uninformed. I have picked a few of my favourites for your perusal.

Brussels Sprouts

Oct 01, 2017 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
Brussels sprouts

Giving Thanks

Sep 28, 2017 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
Don’t you wish people would be more grateful? Don’t you just hate it when they expect everything, but fail to notice who’s behind the scenes making it all happen (especially when that person is you)? Don’t you wish someone would just say thank you? There’s a lot of research out there about gratitude, after all, and its many benefits. But for all it’s health benefits, it’s not “good for you” when someone else is grateful: it’s good for you when... Read more