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Stress and its Effect of Fertility

Nov 07, 2018 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
If you are trying to conceive, the last thing you want to hear from your friends is “Just relax, and it’ll happen!”. Facing infertility is stressful enough without Vague implications of fault. According to this Harvard study, the stress levels for these women matches that suffered by people in treatment for major life-threatening diseases such as Cancer and HIV. It’s tricky to find the balance between “this is not your fault” and “there are... Read more

Acupuncture and Neuroscience

Oct 09, 2018 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
When I find research that confirms a Traditional Chinese Medicine principle, I get pretty excited. That happened to me again today, which is always a treat. And this one was such an esoteric Chinese medicine idea, that it’s hard to believe someone thought to study it.

Pumpkin: Not Just a Projectile

Oct 01, 2018 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
This time of year, there seems to be an endless stream of things you can do with pumpkin: Beer, pie, wine, soup, lattes. What is it about this vegetable that inspires so much creativity?

PCOS Awareness Month: My Top Four Supplements

Sep 24, 2018 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
PCOS represents one of the most common reasons a couple may have trouble conceiving. What better time than PCOS Awareness Month to revisit the best supplements for this very common syndrome.

The Hormone Cocktail Party of Natural Childbirth

Sep 17, 2018 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
When you are at the end of your very first pregnancy, and looking ahead to the reality of childbirth, there are many fears, expectations and wild imaginings, mostly from the stories of other women, (thanks mom…) that accompany it. Will it hurt? Will it take a long time? Can I do it…? The answer is Yes, Maybe, and ABSOLUTELY!

Seasonal Eating: The Perfect Autumn Dinner

Sep 12, 2018 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
Don’t be discouraged by your view out the window these days. It only means that we’ve hit that time of year when we celebrate all that’s cozy. Start that celebration with this amazing recipe! Nothing says cozy like making a meal with your family.
Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
2 ½ pounds of butternut squash cut into one inch cube

Circadian Diet

Sep 10, 2018 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
Dear Thomas Edison,
What were you thinking?
The Public Good

Egg Quality and What You Can do About it

Aug 02, 2018 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
If you are trying to conceive, you probably already know this, but it’s so fascinating that it bears repeating. You’ve had all of your eggs since before you were born. In fact, they’ve been in your ovaries since you were an embryo. This fact alone is interesting enough, but it gets better. Since your mother’s eggs were in her ovaries when she was an embryo, that means the egg which eventually became you was, at one time, in your grandmother’s... Read more

Happiness Pie

Jul 20, 2018 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
So, it’s summertime. The sun is out, birds are singing, the sky is blue; all the beaches in the city explode with people; music festivals appear everywhere you look. And you feel really, really, really, really, super happy, right?

A Recipe for Cool

Jul 06, 2018 | Bronwyn Melville, B.A., R.TCM.P
Sometimes during a treatment, a patient will ask me what a particular point does. This is a tricky question, because typically we use acupuncture points not for their individual properties, but as a prescription. I usually explain that they work together as a whole. The same can be said of the herbs (which are rarely prescribed in isolation but rather in formulas), and also foods.