5 tips for IVF transfer day

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With so much build up to Transfer Day, it's no suprise that I get asked almost daily about what to do/not do on this day to improve chances of success.

Here are my top 5 IVF transfer day tips.

1. Laugh.
Easier said than done in a time like this, but laughter has shown to increase implantation rates.  The original study used clowns, but to be completely honest, clowns scare me so I suggest having a nice lunch and hunkering down for a funny movie post transfer.

2. Eat well.
I get asked on a regular basis about what to eat/not eat post transfer. Although there is some literature out there on pineapple helping implantation, I haven’t seen any concrete research to back it up. My suggestion is to avoid any food that you know your body doesn’t like.
Wheat and dairy make you bloated? Raspberries make your tongue itch and swell?  Try not eating those foods during the next couple of weeks to avoid having your body go through an immune reaction while you are introducing new life into your uterus.

3. Laser Acupuncture.
Cold laser acupuncture in conjunction with traditional acupuncture can help increase implantation by up to 15%. 1. In a recent study by Dr. Fratterelli et al, at the Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT), laser acupuncture out performed even traditional acupuncture when it came to improving implantation rates. My philosophy is, do whatever works (or works best in this case).

4. Exercise…when the time is right.
I get asked a lot about how much exercise is allowed post transfer.

First off, I would like to say that there is no risk of the embryos ‘falling out’. Exercise however, is not suggested because in a fresh IVF cycle, your ovaries are swollen. Until they shrink down, usually a couple weeks after your transfer, you are advised to avoid exercise (this includes avoiding yoga and other twisting exercises).

With that said, this doesn’t mean you have to be on bed rest for 2 weeks. In Chinese medicine, we emphasize good circulation for optimal health and fertility. Bed-rest creates stagnation (think bed sores). Light movement is ideal for keeping Qi circulating in the body. Stick close to home if possible on the day of transfer, but after that, light walks daily are ideal for the next month or so.

5. Let go and pray.
You have done everything that you can to optimize you chances of conception. Now that you have had your transfer, it’s time for what many find the hardest part, letting go of control and just waiting (and praying) for that positive pregnancy test.

Surround yourself with fun distractions, or hibernate with a good book on the weekend. Everyone has a different way of making it through those two long weeks.