4 Things You Can Do To Feel Your Best

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Many people are struggling right now and not feeling well both emotionally and physically. The January Blues are a real thing for many of my patients and they seem to hit a wall.  The craziness of the holidays, covid fatigue and other factors seem to pile up at this time of year. The good news is that there are some easy things we can do to help pull us out of this funk to allow us to feel good again. The following are a few simple things we can add into our daily lives which will give us the greatest impact not only on overall health but improving reproductive health.


You Are What You Eat!

The common pro inflammatory diet of the holidays is made up of excess sugars, processed foods and alcohol. Taking this time to go on a break from these foods or at least decrease them in your daily routine is a good start. If you are wanting the best results and are motivated to feel your best completely eliminating these foods will give you the best results. If you don't have the emotional energy to jump head first just decrease what you are having but have a clear goal on what you WILL do and not what you TRY to do.  

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Get Outside!

I know its cold, wet and dark outside right now but being outside getting for a walk or mild to moderate exercise has so many benefits. Stress, hormones and physical wellbeing is improved in those who get outside even for short periods of time. Try setting a goal to go outside for a 20 minute walk every morning or after dinner each night. You will be surprised on how big a shift this can make after doing it consistently for a week.  

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Lots of late nights over the holidays often create bad habits that need to be reined in sooner than later. Prioritizing 8 hours of sleep and trying to be in bed before 11:00 most nights is very useful to allow our body to repair itself physically and emotionally. We also know that going to bed at regular hours helps to regulate hormones important for fertility.

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It's a great month to look back at the past year and focus on what good things happened to you over the past 12 months. Where our thoughts go our energy will follow. If we continue to focus on what is wrong in our lives and what we don't like we will obviously be more negative. Often, we have many fantastic little things that happen every day but unfortunately stay in the shadows of other events that we focus on that are not as positive. I ask many of my patients to keep a gratitude journal by their bed and write down a short sentence for 5 different good things that happened to them that day. It helps to train the brain to focus on some of the good things that are happening around us that normally would have been forgotten.  

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If you are confused and struggling looking for a plan this year Acubalance can help. We help our patients  by address their most important health goals and create a plan to help them reach it. To learn more about our approach to health and fertility optimization set up a 15 min discovery call. If you are motivated and ready to make a change book an appointment and we will be happy to help create a plan to make 2022 your year!


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Best of Health in 2022



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4 things you can do to feel your best