4 Natural Ways To Treat Endometriosis

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A few years ago I wrote a blog describing 5 fantastic ways to treat endometriosis. I wanted to take some time to revisit this blog post and create 4 Natural Ways To Treat Endometriosis. I will update this blog with more information and a few clinical experiences that I have gained since first writing that blog post. You can read the original here - Top 5 Ways To Treat Endometriosis 

First off endometriosis is a complex disorder where endometrial tissue which is normally found inside the uterus is found "growing" in other areas of the abdomen. Endometrial tissue responds to different hormones. When found inside the uterus this tissue is what grows the uterine lining to support implantation and pregnancy. In each menstrual cycle a lining will grow as different hormones are cycling throughout the month. If no pregnancy occurs then the lining will bleed away causing a period. (What Is Endometriosis)
Unfortunately, if these endometrial cells are found outside of the uterus but inside the abdomen, say on the large intestine they will still grow and shed a lining. This means you will be bleeding inside of the abdomen. This will inhibit normal function of the area it has called home (in this case the large intestine) which could cause all types of pain, inflammation and swelling. Unfortunately it can also be a cause of infertility.  
The most commonly used treatments are drugs or surgery. When medications are taken they generally will stop a woman's cycle from coming. If the regular cycling of hormones is stopped then a growing and shedding of a lining will have stopped. This will decrease or eliminate the pain associated with endometriosis. The 2nd mode of treatment is surgery called a laparoscopy. Laparoscopic surgery is where they physically enter into the abdomen to see the areas that have endometrial tissue attached to them. They then will try to remove as much as possible. This can be an effective solution but not all the tissue is always removed and it often can begin to grow back. (Acupuncture with Chinese Medicine Prevents Endometriosis Recurrence After Surgery) So what are the other options available to women suffering with endometriosis?
There are a few natural types of treatment which can be extremely effective in the treatment of endometriosis beyond drugs or surgery. Here are my revised top 4 ways to naturally treat endometriosis.  

4 Natural Ways to Treat Endometriosis 

1 - Chinese Herbal Medicine
Chinese herbal medicine is frequently used as the primary treatment for endometriosis. Unlike western herbal formulas each patient in Chinese medicine is treated uniquely depending on the type of symptoms they are having. Each formula created will take into consideration the type of pain, intensity, location and other symptoms a patient has. There are hundreds of herbs used in combination to treat endometriosis. It is important that you see an experienced practitioner trained in treating reproductive health to get the most optimal results. We offer both in person and virtual consultations where we can tailor a herbal formula for you to treat the symptoms associated with endometriosis. Book An On-Line Appointment
2 - Endometriosis Diet 
This is one area that has a consistent and strong impact on the quality of a woman's life with endometriosis. I have seen significant improvement with this condition with dietary changes alone. When making dietary changes along with the suggestions above I see much improved results. A diet that is high in vegetables, low in processed foods and lots of water can make massive improvements. This is generally considered an anti-inflammatory diet and can help a multitude of disorders beyond just endometriosis.  
3 - Low Level Light Therapy - LLLT - Photobiomodulation 
Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is a type of treatment I have been using in my clinic for the past few years. It has great promise for a multitude of disorders, one of those being endometriosis. LLLT is able to decrease inflammation and improve blood circulation in a process called angiogenesis. The anti inflammatory process of LLLT is very useful with patients experiencing the discomforts of endometriosis. Here is some more information on how the Laser improves Endometriosis
4 - Acupuncture
Acupuncture is the placement of tiny needles in combination in various areas of the body. When done in the appropriate way this treatment is able to naturally improve blood flow, decrease inflammation and regulate the nervous system. This is how acupuncture can improve the symptoms related to Endometriosis. (Acupuncture shows significant improvement in endometriosis outcomes). Depending on where a patient is in their cycle we will adjust the acupuncture treatment accordingly.  As pain is one of the most common symptoms of endometriosis managing this discomfort is of priority. Painful periods (called dysmenorrhea) can be greatly improved using Acupuncture.  
If you have been diagnosed with endometriosis and are looking for options we can help. The above 4 suggestions can make massive improvement in quality of life for those suffering with this condition. These 4 natural ways can help those with endometriosis, to learn more about what we do please follow this link. If you are wanting a treatment plan tailored to your needs click here.  
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Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM
Can Endometriosis be treated naturally? 4 Natural Ways To Treat Endometriosis