36yr Old Woman Gives Birth Using a 61yr Old Uterus !

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I see couples in my office daily who are using donor eggs, donor sperm and commonly donor embryo's.  This seems very common place now in the fertility world.I have never worked with a women going through a donor uterus cycle. For the first time a woman has given birth after a successful uterus transplant !

The 36 yr old Swedish woman was born without a uterus making it physically impossible to ever carry a child.  She luckily had healthy functioning ovaries which would allow her to use her own eggs for fertility. Without a uterus she would have to use a surrogate to carry her child. A doctor in Stockholm was able to offer an impossible option, use a uterus donor allowing her to carry her own child.
This mother to be found a healthy match in a 61yr old family friend who had already mothered 2 healthy children.  With the use of multiple medications preventing her from rejecting the uterus she had her first period just 6 weeks after the surgery.
Using IVF technology they transferred a healthy embryo from her eggs and her husbands sperm into the uterus 1 year after the surgery.  There were some complications during the pregnancy but it seems all worked out well.  At 31 weeks she developed pre eclampsia and the baby an abnormal heart rate.  At this point they performed a c-section and the miracle baby weighed in at a normal 3.9 lbs.  He was released to go home just 10 days later.
Even in the most difficult of cases couples can find hope and success.  Although this is an extreme example of an amazing story there are so many other successes we do not hear about when couples have beaten the odds to achieve a pregnancy and healthy child.  
Using traditional Chinese medicine and functional medicine we can help women going through infertility when they thought there was little hope.  High FSH levels, Low AMHlevels, multiple failed IVF cycles, endometriosis, ....   We can help treat these conditions and bring you closer to a healthy pregnancy.
I wish you all the best in your fertility journey.  To see how our approach can help support you during your fertility treatments please call us for a free 15 minute phone consultation.  
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