3 Ways To Prepare For IVF

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Entering into an IVF cycle is a tough decision for my patients and wanting to do everything you can to help improve your chances is definitely their priority. I wanted to pass along my top 5 things I have my patients do when preparing for their IVF retrieval.

One thing many patients do not know is that the eggs that are being retrieved during an IVF have been maturing and developing for more than 100 days and not just the 2 weeks of medications they have been taking. This means that the window that we can influence the IVF egg quality is months before they even begin the IVF procedure. We know that even 1 acupuncture treatment on the day of your transfer can improve IVF outcomes. For an even greater impact on pregnancy success 3-4 months of treatment is optimal.

So the big question is what can we do during the 100 days before my IVF to best support my fertility ?

3 Ways to Prepare Your Body for IVF

1 - Improve Blood Circulation

Most of my patients have sedentary jobs and struggle to get enough movement throughout the day. We know with age blood flow also decreases. Blood flow to and from the reproductive tract is the highway of nutrients and oxygen into our cells and the drainage ditch taking away all the cellular waste products. Without having adequate blood flow our cells will not be able to thrive and our eggs won't develop optimally. Trying to prioritise movement throughout the day and getting at least 30 minutes of exercise each day helps to improve the situation. What many people don't know is that both Acupuncture and Laser help to improve blood circulation making it a great supporting treatment to improve your IVF success.

Blood Flow and Egg Quality for IVF - https://www.acubalance.ca/blog/one-the-most-important-factors-egg-quality-healthy-lining-and-conception

2 - Regulate Inflammation

Keeping chronic inflammation at bay is a key to optimising fertility and eqq quality. It's a fine balance as some inflammation is needed in the body for good health but too much negatively impacts our health. Our body is always struggling to find the balance and is quite often loosing the battle. The good news is there are many things we can do to help support the body's ability to regulate inflammation allowing it to reach balanced health. Diet, lifestyle and supplementation all impact inflammation and using these areas are very much needed to succeed in regulating inflammation. Each person is unique and may need to do different things or take different supplements to achieve success.

Laser Acupuncture Decreases inflammation and Improves Fertility 


3 - Decrease Stress

I have yet to have a patient going through fertility treatments such as IVF who doesn't have some level of underlying stress. Going through infertility, making the decision to undergo IVF and all the associated decisions that go along with this procedure are tough. Anything that helps your body process stress will help improve your outlook and ability to cope with the cycle. Having a good community around you can work wonders on how you move forward through the cycle. Other ways to help with high stress is taking long walks outside as it helps to regulate the nervous system and immune system. Both great things when optimising health and fertility. If you're doing all that you can but the stress seems to continue to build Acupuncture may be a good option. Acupuncture helps to regulate the sympathetic nervous system which helps your body fall into a more calm state. Studies have shown that women going through IVF with Acupuncture experience significant less anxiety and feel more optimistic than those women not getting these treatments. You can read more here - https://www.acubalance.ca/publication/term/stress-and-fertility

There are dozens if not hundreds of ways you can prepare for an IVF. The above 3 are some of my favourite suggestions that can make a significant difference in a couples success. Optimising both egg and sperm health gives the best results and there are ways you can be proactive. Having some sort of a road map of what you need to do can make all the difference. At Acubalance we provide consultations to create custom IVF treatment plans that support couples going through IVF. To learn more about how we prepare your body for IVF book a discovery call - HERE. Ready for a treatment plan specifically for you? book a consultation today to start.

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How to prepare for IVF