3 Types of Patients ! Which One Are You ?

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In my practice treating infertility, women's health and pregnancy I have found that there are 3 types of people I treat.  In every case what my patient needs from me is different and evolves as we move forward towards a healthy pregnancy.  Here are 3 types of fertility patients I generally treat:
1 - The Doers !
These patients understand that a healthy body which is functioning in it's highest level will be at it's most fertile.  They are living this way and have made changes to help achieve this.  These patients are actively living a healthy lifestyle and need some "tweaking" to their daily lifestyle, diet, supplements with the addition of acupuncture to optimize their fertility.  
2 - The Know How's !
This group of people understand and want to achieve a greater level of health but have not taken action to optimize their fertility.  They often start changes but don't keep up with them before loosing their "mojo".  These patients need a clear treatment plan with a little encouragement to make the necessary changes.  
3 - The Not Yet Enlightened !
This type of patient has yet to understand how health can effect our body and fertility.  They are as excited to make these changes as I am, they just don't know it yet ! They are normal people with normal health complaints and normal lifestyles.  The idea of having the ability to naturally boost their fertility and health is a foreign thought.  
The goals of a health care practitioner is to help guide our patients. We pass along our experience and specific knowledge to help you understand how to make change.  The most powerful part of treatment can be the most difficult, motivation to make change.  We need to create a spark at the beginning of your journey to awaken a hunger for change.  This spark gives a sense of power for you to make transitions in your health to reach your goal.  
Your fertility journey can be long, confusing and frustrating.  If you need help during your journey or a little "spark" to keep you motivated contact us for a 15 minute complimentary consult to see if we can hellp.  
Wishing You the Best of Health and the Power to make Change !
Dr. Ryan Funk
Doctor of Chinese Medicine