3 Things Not To Do When Preparing For an IVF Cycle

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In vitro Fertilization is a marathon and not a sprint! We need to think of this comparison closely as anyone enters into an IVF Cycle. Sperm takes approximately 90 days to be created and eggs have a maturation period of several months. Optimizing your fertility during this time before the IVF will lead to better results. There are many things that you shouldn't do when preparing to do an IVF cycle.

Don't Wait Too Long To Prepare!

Many couples wait till a few weeks (or even days) before they start an IVF cycle to take supplements, exercise and generally live healthy. Both eggs and sperm take months to mature before they will be used for IVF cycle. Couples are missing out an a great opportunity to improve their chances. Optimally, I suggest my patients do pre conception care for about 3 months prior to starting the IVF cycle. This allows us time to influence and improve egg quality as well as sperm quality.

If you have not been preparing for the IVF for long even doing a few acupuncture sessions around the time of retrievval and transfer can help. To learn more about what to do once you have started the IVF call for a phone consult.

Not Sticking To A Plan!

It's important to talk with your doctor to help create a plan of what to do when preparing for IVF. At Acubalance we create a pre conception treatment plan which helps to boost your chances of success with an IVF. We lay out a simple schedule that will include supplements, dietary advice, exercise and lifestyle suggestions. We then work with our patients doing weekly acupuncture and coaching them for the following months. We can see amazing transformations and improvement in quality of life during this time IF the plan is followed.

Sleep Food and Exercise - Why You Need All 3 for Your Fertility

Not Taking This as a Team Approach!

One of the most stressful things couples can go through is the difficulties of infertility. Unfortunately I have seen many couples pushed apart during this process. I also see couples grow together as well. With the right mindset and good communications relationships can grow significantly stronger while going through these stressful times. Taking 20 minutes a day to reconnect with your partner and discuss concerns. Using this time to really listen and build your relationship is a unique opportunity to help support each other on a much deeper level.

To learn more about our approach to the treatment of fertility and how we can help you when preparing for an IVF cycle please call for a free phone consultation. To read stories about women who have had successful pregnancies with IVF or even after previously failed IVF cycles click here.

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3 Things Not To Do When Preparing For an IVF Cycle