3 Simple Morning Routines To Improve Your Energy

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One of the most common complaints I hear from patients is that they are so tired they struggle to get through the day. Besides getting more sleep there are things which can give you a boost to get through the day. A series of bad morning habits can suck your energy dry even before you leave your house. By changing these small areas of your morning routine, you can greatly increase your energy and emotional well being. It's hard to be happy when your get up and go has got up and gone!

These simple morning routines are so simple most will read through them thinking they already know these or it's too small a change to make a difference. Unfortunately, what is easy to do is also easy NOT to do! Read through the 3 suggestions below and try the one you find easiest to take on. 

3 Simple Morning Routines to Improve Energy  

1 - Stay Off Your Phone 

The most common habit that most of us do first thing in the morning is to look at our phone. I use my phone as my alarm making it an unconscious habit to pick it up every morning. Most people will then groggily scroll through any messages that have come through during the night, notifications, emails, social media or world news. Unfortunately, with this habit you are not in control of what you are exposing your mind and thoughts too. When we first wake up it is a unique time for our brain where our brain waves are changing. It is at this time that our brains are more malleable and flexible. There is a significant negative impact on your mental and emotional well being if the first thing you read about is negative. A bombing that happened across the globe, emails of what other people are wanting you to do or social media showing you how someone else’s life appears so much better than yours - not a great way to wake up. We need to stay away from these negative influences when our brain is so easily influenced in the morning. It's much easier to find energy for our day to day activities when we are happy!

More info on Phone Use First thing in the morning 

2 - Choose what to feed your mind!

I have recently started practicing this most mornings and find it extremely enjoyable. I take time to think about all the positive things in my life, how lucky I am and what opportunities I have for the day. This often includes the relationships I have with friends, family and colleagues, my home, the sunshine, going to the gym, my career and a vast array of other things. It vastly can change the outlook I have for the day making me more optimistic, calm and happy. I do this quick 2 minute exercise before I even get out of bed and it takes minimal effort. I then get up out of bed and begin my morning routine thinking of all the things I GET to do during the day instead of the things I HAVE to do! When we focus on all the good that is in our lives it helps to fill us up, we feel more complete and wealthier. A very simple mind shift but one that I find very motivating.

Gratitude will make you healthier and happier! 

3 - Focus!  

What needs to be done today? Be focused on what needs to be done and immediately attack these areas in an organized manner. One of the first things most people do when getting to work is to check their email (if they haven't already checked it when waking). This will immediately take you off track from what you need to get done. Put aside some dedicated time to check and answer e-mails later in the day after you have created the time to accomplish what YOU want to accomplish. When you first arrive at work or if you have time at home in the mornings think about what you want to do by the end of that day. What are your goals for that day, week, month, year, and what do you need to do today to accomplish these goals? Anxiety and depression often arise when we feel we have not achieved any growth in our lives. It's extremely difficult to be happy and feel satisfied when our internal world is not in sync with our daily activity. This focus and clarity of what we are wanting to do helps energize us for the day. If we fill our day doing activities that don't add value to our lives, we will soon not have the energy to get through the day. Stay focused on why you are doing each task. Once you have found the "WHY you are doing it", "the what you are doing" becomes easier!  


If you are tired of feeling tired and need a bit of a boost. Try the 3 changes above to help build your energy and hopefully inspire yourself. If there is more going on Acupuncture may be a good treatment option. Acupuncture can help deepen sleep, improve digestion and regulate stress hormones. All these can help improve energy levels and decrease anxiety. To see if you have Adrenal Fatigue Acubalance can help test and find out the root cause.




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Wake Up With More Energy With These Simple Routines