3 Benefits Laser Therapy Has For Fertility

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Acubalance has been using a laser to support our patients for the past few years and have noticed great successes. Although lasers have been used in healthcare for decades it still seems "new" to me and most of my patients. Few people understand all the real benefits low level light therapy (LLLT) has on a cellular level. I wanted to pass along 3 great benefits of laser when used to improve fertility.   

Benefit #1
Laser treatments increase the amount of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). For cells, ATP is a pretty big deal as it powers all cellular activity. To gain perspective of the importance of ATP for fertility just think ... the heart, which is pumping 24 hours a day, contains less ATP than the ovaries do. Anything which improves ATP function will be of benefit to fertility.  
Benefit #2
Angiogenesis! This is just a big word for the formation of new blood vessels. Blood flow is extremely important for fertility. Without adequate blood flow to the ovary it will starve for proper nutrients and get backed up with cellular waste. The use of the laser can help improve, heal and even create new blood vessels.  This is useful for both the maturation of eggs but as well for improving lining function for implantation.
Benefit #3
No Side Effects! The laser can be used on it's own for couples trying to conceive without any other help. It can also be combined with Acupuncture, oral fertility medications and even IVF cycles. There are no known side effects on contraindications while using this type of treatment.  
If you are looking for an edge or a boost to your fertility adding the Laser Acupuncture may be a great addition. The Acubalance approach to improving your fertility is to support the body's systems to naturally increase your chances of concieving. We can use this approach when couples are trying to concieve with or without western treatments such as IVF.  
If you have questions or want to learn more about this approach please call for a free 15 minute phone consultation with one of our practitioners.  
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