25 Fertility Super Foods

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We’re always coaching about dietary choices at Acubalance – because we know that your diet and lifestyle strongly affect the health of your egg (or sperm) cells and your likelihood of taking home a healthy baby. 


During the preconception period, it is essential to stock up on vitamins and minerals that are required for the development of gametes – for women, the 4 months prior to conception are the most crucial months for increasing nutrient/mineral intake; for men, the 3 months before conception are the most important.  This is because it takes 3 months for sperm development in men, and the last 4 months of oocyte development in women are the most critical for producing a really healthy mature egg.


As much as possible, I like my patients to try and get their nutrients from food sources, because you get more than just one nutrient per food – spinach, for example, is high in folic acid to boost your fertility, but also has lots of iron and vitamin C (to help you absorb the iron).  Isn’t nature awesome?


Here is a list of some of my favourite fertility super foods – they are high in fertility friendly nutrients like fat-soluble vitamins, antioxidants, wholesome fats and minerals.  It is best to obtain all animal products from pasture-raised, organically treated, sustainable sources (this changes the fat content of meat/fish and dairy, as well as reduces their potential inflammatory effects).  Any dairy should be preferably unpasteurized and from a small local dairy farm, and only eaten if there is no intolerance or sensitivity.


1. raw oysters (hello omega3s and zinc!)

2. butter

3. bone broth (more on this in a later post)

4. pastured, free range eggs

5. coconut oil, cream and yoghurt

6. almond milk (made from scratch is best)

7. walnuts

8. sauerkraut

9. kimchi

10. dark green veggies – kale, kohlrabi, bok choi, beet greens, spinach, swiss chard, broccoli

11. quinoa, millet, buckwheat

12. chillies

13. fatty fish – salmon, cod, sardines

14. avocados

15. pumpkin seeds

16. brazil nuts (just 2 per day!)

17. figs

18. sunflower seeds

19. blueberries, raspberries, blackberries

20. parsley, coriander, other fresh herbs

21. yams (sweet potatoes)

22. Brassica vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, watercress, cabbage (for hormone detoxification)

23. pomegranate

24. mung beans, black beans, lentils and other legumes

25. oats


Both partners benefit from the super foods listed above. Start stocking your kitchens and your bodies, and get to creating healthy eggs and sperm for a healthy baby!


In health,


Dr. Kali MacIsaac HBSc, ND

Naturopathic Doctor