This 1 Food Decreases A Couples Time To Pregnancy and Has An Added Benefit

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It sounds obvious to some degree that couples who have more sex will also get pregnant more frequently. Unfortunately in my practice I see many couples who find it to be more like work than pleasure when it comes to the topic of sex. It's not uncommon for me to see couples only having sex during the short fertile window each month. Many different factors will effect both women and men's libido. Stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and a variety of other causes can cause our libido to plummet. When I see information about a simple and effective method which improves this I dive a little deeper. I recently read a short study which was interesting.
The study was completed in 2009 and involved over 500 couples. It looked at only 1 dietary component, seafood intake. In this study they found that couples who ate seafood more frequently also had intercourse more frequently. It found that in those couples who were currently trying to conceive, men and women who ate more frequent meals with seafood also achieved pregnancy in a shorter amount of time.  
I know that less frequent or poorly timed intercourse is a small causation of infertility. My question is that if couples who have low frequency of intercourse but are active during their fertile window why would they have a lower chance of pregnancy? Could this point towards other health and fertility issues?
The study doesn't mention WHY the seafood was of benefit. It could be that in the general public those couples who ate more seafood are more physically active and is not directly connected to seafood at all. It could also be directly related to the intake of Omega 3 essential fatty acids which could also be accomplished with taking supplements. Unfortunately the study did not reveal the couples lifestyle or other dietary habits for us to pick apart and learn from.  
What I DO see in my practice is that couples who are both physically and emotionally healthy have sex more frequently. This often is associated with achieving a pregnancy faster. High levels of stress/depression at work or in the relationship (common with couples experiencing infertility) will take it's toll on their intimacy. Lack of exercise, poor diet and fatigue also negatively impact our health. So what can you do?
At Acubalance we go through all these different areas of your well being and see where we can have the greatest impact. Once we find some weak areas we devise a specific plan for you. Each plan, both for men and women is tailored to the specific goals at that time. These goals vary widely as some are wanting to improve their chances for pregnancy while others are working towards eliminating chronic pain. Acupuncture, Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), Herbal Formulas, Diet and Lifestyle are all looked at as possible solutions for your health complaints.  
We treat your body as a whole and not a specific part that is damaged. We can only do this by looking at the big picture and supporting the body's innate ability to heal itself when properly supported. To learn more about our approach in the treatment of our patients please call to set up a free 15 minute phone consultation.  
I hope you are able to enjoy some seafood this week!
Best of Health
Dr Ryan Funk
Doctor of Chinese Medicine
Fellow of the ABORM