“Should my husband be coming in, too?”

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This is a question I get often in the clinic from my female fertility patients. The short answer is yes, acupuncture is great for everyone, especially when it comes to fertility. There’s always something that can be improved upon to boost fertility, such as increasing circulation to reproductive organs, balancing hormones, reducing stress, or reducing inflammation. 

Semen Analysis

What if his semen analysis is normal? It’s still recommended that he come in for acupuncture treatments. Even if on paper everything is above normal or even way above normal, these tests do not test the health of sperm at the DNA level. There’s still quality we can improve upon to increase chances of a healthy conception (naturally or through IVF/IUI). If his numbers (motility, count, morphology etc) are borderline normal I definitely encourage my male fertility patients to come in for treatment, especially because quality of semen has been decreasing at an alarming rate for the past 50 years, and instead of bringing it to the attention of our patients, semen analysis parameters have adjusted to a new, reduced normal.

Acupuncture for Improvement in Total Sperm Count & Motility

Acupuncture has been shown in many studies to benefit different aspects of semen parameters. A study of 40 men with low sperm count, low motility, or low morphology showed a significant increase in the percentage and number of sperm without structural defects after twice per week acupuncture for 5 weeks. Another study of 121 men with subpar semenalaysis permaters completed a series of acupuncture treatments with electrostimulation (a comfortable technique we often employ where we attach wires to the acupuncture points to make them vibrate) for two months and found clinically significant improvement in total sperm count and motility. 

What Else? Men's Supplements, Nutrient IV's & Laser for Fertiltiy

What else can guys do to boost their fertility? Especially if they’re not keen on acupuncture? Tons. They can take our men’s prenatal vitamins. We use Mito Motile, a comprehensive male reproductive fertility support kit, providing clinically relevant vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, essential fatty acids, and critical supportive nutrients for healthy male function. It has been shown in human trials to improve sperm cell total count and concentration in men. I also love suggesting getting a series of vitamin and nutrient IV’s from our naturopaths which flood the body’s cells with 10x the bioavailability of oral supplementation.

Treatment frequency and type (acupuncture, laser, or both) will be determined during the initial consultation. We may also make diet, lifestyle, or supplement recommendations.  Making a baby takes two. I’ve heard countless times from my patients that coming in together for acupuncture treatments to improve fertility.

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She has specialized training in treating pain and injury as well as fertility and reproductive health.


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