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Chinese Medicine for Pain and Infertility

For those in Vancouver British Columbia interested in learning more about acupuncture, Acubalance Wellness Centre provides the answers you need. Acupuncture is an alternative therapy that has been successfully used in those with fertility issues, for morning sickness, prebirth, or breech and to support IVF treatments. Often used in pain management and to relieve stress, acupuncture promotes health and well-being, treats a wide array of medical conditions and prevents illness by unblocking meridians (energy channels) in the body and stimulating its natural healing abilities. A primary component of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture has been proven effective for everything from digestive issues and sports injuries to fibromyalgia and cancer.

Fertility and IVF acupuncture is often used to increase the likelihood of conceiving a baby. Acupuncture works to balance the endocrine system, reduce stress, increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries and create a healthier reproductive environment. Fertility acupuncture is a growing practice that is becoming more widely recognized for its effectiveness in the medical community today.

IVF acupuncture is used as a support therapy for those undergoing in-vitro fertilization procedures, which are expensive and can be stressful. Many couples choose to undergo IVF and other advanced procedures numerous times in their efforts to conceive. IVF acupuncture increases success rates by more than 30% when combined with traditional Western fertility treatments.

Acupuncture for morning sickness. While nausea is common in the morning for many women who are pregnant, others know that "morning sickness" can occur at any time of the day or night. For some it is just a minor issue, however others experience severe nausea that can interfere with their daily schedule or even impact quality of life. Acupuncture for morning sickness involves selecting specific pressure points that relieve nausea by calming the stomach, moving stagnation in the abdominal region and more. These points are located on the stomach, shin, lower leg and wrist.

Find out How Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Can Help You

Acupuncture for prebirth is a growing practice as women desire to prepare the pelvis and cervix for a smoother, more efficient childbirth. Pre-birth acupuncture is known to reduce the length of labor while supporting physical and emotional well-being, often reducing the need for epidurals or pain medication as well. Acupuncture for prebirth essentially helps to ripen the cervix so mothers enjoy a faster, natural delivery.

Acupuncture for breech is common among pregnant women whose babies are not in the proper position for natural birth. Breech presentation often necessitates a Cesarean section delivery, a procedure most mothers want to avoid when at all possible. Acupuncture for breech is often used in conjunction with moxibustion (moxa) to reduce stress, relax tight muscles and encourage the baby to turn and move into position for a natural (vaginal) birth.

As you can see, acupuncture is highly useful as it relates to improved fertility and preparing for birth. At Acubalance Wellness Centre we encourage women and couples in Vancouver, BC, Canada to learn more about the benefits of acupuncture for treatment of almost any condition or disease and how it can promote self-healing and greater overall health. Contact us today at 604-678-8600.