women's health Success Stories

Firmer skin, a brighter completion and a reduction of fine lines with Acupuncture!

Acupuncture facial is the most relaxing and restorative facial ever! I had 12 sessions. Christina uses more needles as time goes on and depending on one's specific needs. After a few sessions, you can feel the blood flowing.

Acupuncture For Facial Renewal, Firmer Skin, Brighter Complexion and a Reduction of Fine Lines

Acupuncture facial is the most relaxing and restorative facial ever! I had 12
sessions. Christina uses more needles as time goes on and depending on one's
specific needs.

Immune Booster IV 1 Chest Infection 0

I’ve found the Immune Booster IV at TG’IV to be incredibly helpful. In the next few days after each one, I could feel the chest infection lifting out of my system, and I started to really get better. I think it’s because of these that I made a full recovery much faster than I expected. Many thanks to Kali and Acubalance!

Health transformation at age 60 - Thanks to acupuncture I decreased medications and chronic illness resolved

Two years ago I developed an acute upper respiratory tract infection while travelling in China.  While there I was treated with antibiotics & when I returned home my family practitioner and subsequently an ear, nose and throat specialist prescribed 6 more courses of antibiotics over the next 18 months.  The “bug” was definitely persistent and unfortunately every 4 to 6 weeks I would become sick again and again with chronic bronchitis,...

Escaping The PMS "Danger Zone"

Before I tried acupuncture, I have to admit I had no idea what my period was doing. Not only was it all over the place, but I also dreaded the day I had to deal with it, because I would always be in so much pain. Being the type of person who refused to take anything for it, I would suffer through the "contractions" with a hot water bottle on my belly, waiting for it all I end. On top of that, I was an emotional roller-coaster for at least a...

Dr. Funk Single-Handedly Helped Me More Than Any Other Practitioner in Any Other Field

Dr. Ryan Funk offers a knowledgeable, unique, and heartfelt approach to his acupuncture practice. After years of visiting many doctors, Dr. Funk single-handedly helped me more than any other practitioner in any other field (and not just in getting me over a fear of needles!). To be honest, at first I did not see how an acupuncturist would be able to help my symptoms. However, thankfully I respected the advice to see Dr. Funk, which was a life...

My hot flashes completely went away

I had been in peri-menopause for eight years when I started seeing Emilie. After acupuncture and only two doses of her medicinal Chinese tea, my hot flashes completely went away and my life finally felt calm. Emilie saved me from insanity in my 40s! I cannot impress enough upon women of any stage of hormonal change to use Chinese medicine. I sent my mother, who is 80 years old, and was still getting hot flashes, to Emilie and now her body...

Improvements in menstrual cycle, endometriosis pain, & general health !

I was diagnosed with endometriosis after experiencing both bleeding and pain during intercourse. An ultrasound examination showed that I had a 10cm endometrioma on my right ovary and laparoscopic surgery was scheduled to follow. During surgery it, was discovered that I had severe endometriosis affecting my ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, and bowel. The surgery was successful in removing the endometrial lesions but I was warned that it would...