Acupuncture For Fertility Without IVF

A large number of couples seek the use of acupuncture when they are going through IVF.  When performed for the weeks before IVF, acupuncture is able to improve the chances of a healthy pregnancy as well as decrease miscarriage rates.  Acupuncture also improves pregnancy rates combined with other western medicated fertility treatments (like clomid) and not just IVF.  A question I often get asked is  "Can Acupuncture be of benefit to those couples going through infertility if they are not doing IVF?"   The short answer is an absolute YES !

Three Ways To Better Quality Eggs

The environment in which egg cells are growing during the process of recruitment and development has a major impact on the quality of the egg cell that is ovulated every cycle. Whether you’re trying to conceive naturally, or with the help of an embryologist, optimizing the quality of eggs (oocytes) that are being produced is of paramount importance in increasing the likelihood of each cycle resulting in a healthy pregnancy.

Foods For Fertility In Vancouver, Options For The Always Too Busy Person

I was reading through some of the blogs here on the Acubalance site when I stumbled upon Dr Emilie Salomons blog on foods to eat during IVF.  This reminded me the importance of a healthy diet when trying to conceive.  The foods we eat have both a short term and a long term impact on our health. I truly believe our diet can be our strongest ally in supporting our own health or our biggest down fall.  

Top 5 Tips for Fertility Using Chinese Medicine

I love learning about simple and effective methods that couples can use to help improve their chances of conceiving.   Simple fertility tips that make sense and are easy to adopt in our every day lives.  This is one of the reasons I love practicing Chinese Medicine.  This type of Eastern Medicine supports the use of a traditional type of fertility diet along with lifestyle adjustments.  I wanted to pass along my top 5 tips for fertility using Chinese Medicine.

Going Green To Improve Sleep

Over the years we have blogged several times regarding the importance of sleep. A lack of sleep is detrimental on both your overall health as well as fertility. While we are sleeping our body is repairing itself. Sleep improves neurotransmitters, replenishes hormones and detoxifies and repairs cellular tissue. A very important time in our day. Unfortunately under sleeping is an Epidemic according to Dr. MacIsaac (Blog Post Here).

3 Things Not To Do When Preparing For an IVF Cycle

In vitro Fertilization is a marathon and not a sprint! We need to think of this comparison closely as anyone enters into an IVF Cycle. Sperm takes approximately 90 days to be created and eggs have a maturation period of several months. Optimizing your fertility during this time before the IVF will lead to better results. There are many things that you shouldn't do when preparing to do an IVF cycle.

6 Zika basics for people trying to conceive

As the media frenzy around Zika has waned over the last 6 months, I’m noticing more and more of my patients contemplating vacations to southern US, the Caribbean and Mexico. While the media coverage of Zika is decreasing, the risks of contracting Zika while in these regions is still a concern. There have been 47 cases of Zika in BC, 3 of which were pregnant women. Most of the cases were from people traveling to Mexico.

So just in case you are considering a sunny destination vacation in the near future,

Fertility Support Without Full Time Acupuncture

I have had an incredible year so far working with some amazing patients. I'm lucky in the sense that I have been able to treat some very dedicated couples. I see patients for regular acupuncture to help improve their chances of pregnancy. But what happens when you can't come for regular acupuncture? Will you still have a greater chance of success when trying to conceive? Yes!


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